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  • Exercise and Men’s Sexual Health

 The month of December is here and with it comes the festivities.Our focus this month moves to how fitness affects men’s sexual health.Which brings me to the question, How many people maintain their fitness regimens throughout this month of festivities. Without a doubt only a handful will follow the routines strictly.Fitness and all it takes kind a takes a back seats and binge drinking, unhealthy eating becomes the order of the day. Let’s kick start this month with men’s sexual health and fitness.To what extent should one go with regards to fitness and ensure their sexual health is on point?Over the years a lot has been said with regards to fitness and sexual health though the positives outweigh the negatives. The biggest boost exercise can give to your sex life is to lower your risk of erectile dysfunction, says Jorge Chavarro, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. “Exercise that helps open the arteries to benefit your heart will also increase blood flow to the penis,” he says. Physically active men may also have fewer symptoms of an enlarged prostate, a common condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Men with BPH often have to urinate frequently, or have a weak stream. Men with more severe BPH symptoms may also have a low libido, trouble keeping an erection, and enjoy sex less. Note that this exclusively represents those who exercise naturally by this I mean they’re not enhanced with steroids. Steroids are known to have negative side effects on men’s sexual health. When it comes to the strictly muscular aspect of sex, fit men have the advantage. Men in prime shape will find sex easier and less painful than men who don’t exercise much, says Neal Pire, a fitness consultant to pro athletes. “If you don’t exercise regularly, and especially if you never do crunches, you will feel soreness in your lower abdominals and your hip flexors after sex,” he says. If you are partial to the missionary position, you might feel soreness in your chest muscles. There you have just a few benefits to help you kick start the festive season.

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