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  • Transfer News: English Premier League transfer season

2018/19 EPL Winners


After winning both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League trophies, English Premier League giants will now focus on the most anticipated transfer season in the soccer world. It was the first time ever that both competitions had only EPL clubs in both finals.


2019 Champions League Winners Liverpool
Liverpool Champions League trophy parade


2019 Europa League Winners Chelsea
Chelsea are current Europa league champions. Image: Courtesy


A disappointing attempt by Arsenal to give fans a trophy parade saw Chelsea secure one for Londoners as Liverpool leveled up with Manchester united (42 trophies) by winning the UEFA Champions league trophy. There is one more trophy left for these two teams to fight for; Liverpool will play Chelsea in the first all-English UEFA Super Cup on 14 August in Istanbul.


No Ronaldo No Messi
No Ronaldo, No Messi, No problem. Image: Courtesy


It was refreshing to have two European finals without the usual suspects as neither the Messi-Ronaldo duo nor any Spanish Teams received any European medals this season. That means, this time round, players will be more interested in moves to English premier league clubs than to other European leagues. At the same time, teams will have to scoff much more to get players from EPL clubs.

The first major transfer has already been confirmed with one of the best play makers being snatched up by Real Madrid. Eden Hazard, 28, has been confirmed and he leaves Chelsea Fc on a high. With 16 goals and 10 assists last season, it will be interesting to see how he teams up with his new team mates in Madrid.

Having the biggest spenders in all European soccer leagues, the EPL is sure to give us the most exciting transfer season yet. Who will replace Fernandinho? Can Liverpool turn De Ligt up? Will Tottenham get a new playmaker from Argentina? Will Pogba’s join Hazard at Los Blancos? Will Arsenal be back in the market for Auba’s replacement? Will De Gea confirm his position?

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