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  • Post-Driftwoods: SGR, Anuba and Monday Morning

National Sevens Circuit kicked off this past weekend with the Driftwood 7s in Mombasa in what was a clear indication of what to come next.

Hundreds of fans from Nairobi traveled to Mombasa as they couldn’t afford to be left out for the best experience, maybe ever.

This was all because of the much hyped SGR. It was packed for the Friday trip to Mombasa and Monday’s return to Nairobi. Tusker had also sponsored a number of them through #RugbyNaTusker campaign.


Inside the train, you would think you’re somewhere around Quins bar. Waiters and waitresses very busy. Everyone was excited waiting to arrive in Mombasa for a weekend of rugby and fun.

Rugby action kicked off on Saturday morning but Coasterians started checking in at around 5pm for the big night at Mombasa Sports Club. For those who wished to party at the Mombasa Sports Club did so up to around 10pm before heading back to their rooms to freshen up then start the night.


There is a kaplace in Nyali called Anuba Lounge. They all met here for the showdown and enjoy the real meaning of DRIFWOOD 7s.

Biryani was also the order of the weekend as this was the only opportunity for one to get a good and real plate of one unlike in Nairobi where you don’t trust the Biryani made here. Barka and Tarboush restaurants took good care of this. I am sure some passed by on Monday morning to buy a take away to Nairobi. 


All was not fun though as some big teams were receiving beating right, left and centre. It started with Mean Machine stunning Impala Saracens before KCB won two matches and failed to qualify for cup quarters despite being one of the favorites.

Naomi and COllo

Mwamba were beaten squarely to drop to challenge trophy and were on the verge of getting relegated ahead of their home tournament. They would have invited themselves, funny. Homeboyz won the tournament as it was expected.

On Sunday evening, guys went back to Anuba lounge. Rugby players also joined. What happens in Mombasa stays in Mombasa. Some were even checking in as late as 5.57am as some left Anuba in the morning direct to the Mombasa terminus. 


Heading back to Nairobi the train was super silent unlike on Friday morning when it was like a NASA rally. The irritating thing about the train to Nairobi is you have to be there by 8 am meaning you’ll wake up by 6am after a weekend full of activities; you’ll probably not take breakfast in your hotel while others will carry their bottles to the train.

Most dozed off till Nairobi terminus thinking of how tomorrow(Tuesday) they are going back to work waiting for the next trip.

While others, 


Next trip comes in two weeks when rugby heads to Nakuru for the Prinsloo while Dala 7s in Kisumu is just around the corner. But first,

But first, twende Kabeberi 7s.

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