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  • Diss Track Alert! Noti Flow Hits Back At Femi One With “Forehead”-Watch!

It’s taken a while for Noti Flow to come up with a diss track especially since she’s been mentioned in nearly all the released diss-tracks by fellow female rappers.

We just might forget that as she has now released a diss track titled ‘Forehead’ that seems to target rapper Femi One.

The hard-hitting jam sees Noti Flow- self-proclaimed Nicki Minaj wa mtaa – fire shots at Femi One, King Kaka and the whole Kaka Empire stable and she sure does not mince her words.

 ‘’Naskia Mangwea wamenitaja 
Nlikuwa far ka manyoya nikinata 
Na go hard si need intro from Papa 
Kamacashy, the only cash I know is paper 
Ihv to grind, in de streets mi ni blanda 

Nachapa marhymes 
The Queen is back 
Ma body fly 
5 star vibe 
Mwitu si mine
Femi Plan, say ma name 
Noti Flow
Ashanitaja,ashajua mi kauzi 

Nampiga njoti juu kwa Flow ameninoki 
MI nimnoti, na napenda hizi Noti 
Ati Ligi soo,sasa hizo ndio nini? Nkt! 


Let’s sit back and wait for the next hit diss track (since it now seems to be a thing going around in the rap world).

Click Play below:

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