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  • Choreographer Oscar Mwalo Breaks Down ‘Odi With a Swag’ (Video)

A month ago I learnt that there are now two forms of the ‘Odi Dance’. There is the ‘Odi’ dance ‘ile ya kawaida’ (the one we are used to) and then there is the ‘Odi Odi’ dance which is otherwise known as the ‘Odi with a Swag’.

Having been introduced to us by Sauti Sol and Nyashiski from their jam ‘Short and Sweet’, this dance quickly caught on, becoming a viral sensation but how did it all come about?

We hosted Choreographer Oscar Mwalo, who helped put that dance together and who also revealed that the ‘Odi Odi’ dance was in fact created as an homage to its predecessor the ‘Odi’ dance, but was made to be a bit ‘cooler’ so as to appeal to the ‘uptown’ crowd.

It certainly worked!

Here’s a short video of our time with Oscar at HBR and of us learning the dance move, all of which coincidentally was filmed on Madaraka day (or as we called it ‘254 Day).


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