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  • Childish Gambino Has Decided To Be A Stripper.

He may be familiar to you as the artist who featured on Jhene Aiko’s Bed Peace. Can’t remember? He’s in the clip below:

Now Childish Gambino has decided that he’s going to let the world see his not so chiseled body as he stars as a stripper in Magic Mike XXL. Now we are not going to deny that before he was Childish Gambino he was Donald (Danny) Glover, an actor who was on our screens with his most successful role being Troy in Community but a stripper? Come on now! That’s a little far fetched.

Other cast members who are alot of eye candy are Channing Tatum, Kevin Nash, a professional wrestler and actor amd Matt Bomer AKA Neil Caffrey in White Collar.

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Matt Bomer                                                        Channing Tatum


How will Childish Gambino try to compete with that though? Let’s see how that will pan out. The film comes out in July.

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