Check Out Big Bang Theory Prequel “Young Sheldon”

If you’re not a Big Bang Theory fan, then you’ll probably love the Big Bang Theory prequel ‘Young Sheldon’.

The sitcom focuses on 9-year-old Sheldon “Shelly” Cooper, the quirky, socially-awkward genius currently portrayed as an adult by Jim Parsons in “Big Bang Theory.”

In the 5 minute trailer, we get to meet young Shelly, whom everyone finds to be irritating due to his very black-and-white sense of right and wrong and how he expresses himself with very little filter.

Young Sheldon is a little different from Big Bang in that  it ditches the three-camera set-up and laugh track of its parent series and goes full single-camera giving it a more modern feel.

The series will premiere on September.

Have a look at the trailer below:


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