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  • Celebrities who showed some love for Mr. Trump

With just hours away to deciding who their next president will be, Americans have been divided or rather torn between the two presidential candidates democrat Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump through out the campaigns.

The campaigns have seen all kinds of celebrities coming out to not only say who they support but to also campaign for their favorite candidates through concerts and via social media.

We know by now that Hillary Clinton has had massive support from A-list celebrities like  Leonardo DiCaprio , Robert DeNiro , Beyonce, Lady Gaga,Jay z, Madonna, George and Amal Clooney, katy Perry, Kim K… yes, truly the list is endless people and if the votes relied on celebrity back up then Trump would lose miserably but now it would only be fair to state the celebrities voting for Trump (because he sure does have them, you know, A-list stars who mostly belong at the back of the alphabet) but they’re stars nonetheless so, yea.

Hulk Hogan. He tweeted that he was not supporting Hillary Clinton but would like to be Trumps running mate.


Dennis Rodmann. The former basketball player tweeted that the country does not need another politician but a business man like Donald Trump.


Rocker Kid Rock told Rolling Stone magazine that he is “digging Donald Trump”.


Singer Azealia Banks.


Mike Tyson.


Movie Star Clint Eastwood backed Trump over Clinton saying he has “grown tired of the ‘p***y generation’ of political correctness [Trump is] onto something.”


Also on the list is, PDiddy, Eminem, Ice cube, Foxy Brown and Tv star Tila Tequila.





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