SA, Botswana Join Kenya in Copa Coca-Cola AFCON Quarters

Kenya beat Botswana 3-0 in the COPA Coca-Cola Under-16 Africa Cup group ’A’ match at Nakuru High School, in Kenya on December 12th 2018.

Goals from Issa Rashid, Answar Shamuni and Isaiah Abwal ensured Kenya easily triumphed in this game, and also maintained their 100% record.

Kenya went ahead inside the first 30 seconds of the match through the outstanding Rashid’s goal of the tournament.

Jacob Onyango beat his marker on the right flank before crossing the ball into the area, Rashid controlled the ball before firing home via a low shot.

Kenya continued to dominate proceedings with Lucas Maina, Wisdom Nayah and Rashid running the show in midfield. Botswana’s rear guard led by Captain Sekwai Letlamoreng did well to deny Kenya on several occasions.

Letlamoreng had Botswana’s best chance with the scores still at 1-0. He rose highest to meet a free-kick but then failed to direct the header on target.

The second goal did finally come in the 28th minute when a defense splitting pass from Maina was met with an excellent finish from Answar Shamuni.

A rare chance for Botswana in the 49th minute saw Pintes Ricardo shoot wide from a prime position. But it was Kenya’s day, as substitute Isaiah Abwal then added a third in the 68th minute.

“Our strategy was a defensive one and to some extent I can say that it worked. Kenya is a very strong team, we watched them score eleven goals against Ethiopia and to lose 3-0 is not very bad,” said Botswana coach Godfrey Rantoka.

“I expect us to have tougher matches in the knockout stages so we didn’t use match energy today considering we had already qualified for the quarter-finals,” added Kenya coach Peter Mayoyo.

Meanwhile, a dominant Nigeria booked a COPA Coca-Cola African Cup quarter final spot following a 3-0 win over Zimbabwe in a group B match.

Goals from Prosper Chukwuemeka, Gift Williams and Omodara Olamilekan helped the West African team post a comfortable win in a match.

The victors dominated throughout, starting the match on a high and raiding the Southern Africans half in pursuit of an early goal.

The teams that have so far qualified for the quarter-final matches include Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Mozambique.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Playoff run So Far

With round two of the 2018 NBA playoffs already up and running, no one really expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to come this far. Within the confines of a basketball Lebron James feels he can do anything. No shots he can’t take or block, no deficit he can’t rebound from, no strain on his body he can’t handle. For most of the time this is a good thing for the Cavaliers who would turn out to need an actual superhuman effort from Lebron just to make it out of the first round.

In those seven games against Indiana he dropped more than forty points three separate times and played 288 minutes of total basketball. That is 86% of the amount of time it was even possible for him to be on the court. He also scored or assisted on 59% of the Cavaliers total baskets and it was practically from every spot on the floor. At some point in game 7 the cameras caught him saying “I’m playing the whole game” which is what we always want from our superstars.

 The question is how practical is that when there’s still a host of games to come. That answers why he was rested towards the end of the third quarter against the pacers after he started cramping. After beating the Raptors who’ve led the eastern conference for the most part of the regular season in game one of round two, Lebron is without a doubt one the best in his craft.  Don’t get me wrong they’ve won nothing yet. That is just game one, there’s still a possible six to go, a conference final and the culmination of it all the NBA final against even better opposition. Clearly Lebron and his under achieving support cast have their work cut out. It’s a matter of let’s wait and see how much the King still has to offer.

Serena Williams marries Ohanian in $1m star-studded bash

Serena Williams proved her dominance off the court on Thursday, as she drew a celeb-packed group of A-listers to New Orleans for her nuptials to millionaire Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple was surrounded by a bevy of friends, families and A-listers, including their two-month-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., as they said their ‘I dos’ in a Beauty and the Beast themed bash at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.

An entire block of the city was sealed off for the event which was held at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Kim Kardashian, Venus Williams, Beyonce, and the members of New Edition, who played a five-song set during the reception, were spotted arriving at the venue’s VIP entrance for the biggest celebrity wedding in recent years.

Guests were also gifted one of Williams’ unique golden trophy party favors.

Each guest table at the event had been named after one of Williams’ 12 grand slam titles, and her favors were recreations of the trophies she received for each corresponding title.

-BBC Sport

#FashionFriday: Tallia Oyando’s Style Icons

She had been crushing on American rapper Pharrell’s style for the longest time. So what’s changed since then?

slide_344256_3585315_free  2  695x100012     









HBR radio host Tallia Oyando says she has seen the future, literally.

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She finds the 6’2″ tall American rapper’s style more dynamic compared to Pharrell’s whom she says despite looking all so younger than his age (44) has not grown in terms of style, “He no longer surprises me, unlike Future whom I anticipate to see what he will step out in.” She said.

Her female style icons are American singer Solange Knowles and South African television personality Bonang Matheba.

Solange-Knowles-Wearing-Printed-Suits-Style-Pictures    d67485a5dae9350275b40b533649d312--all-white-outfit-white-outfits




























So next time you see her looking lovely and stylish… you’ll know where her creative juices are from. 


tallia style








‘Despacito’ Crowned Most Streamed Song Globally

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’ slowly became everyone’s favorite song after its release early this year but the remix they did featuring Justin Bieber took the internet by storm.

Besides becoming the second song in history to lead Billboard Hot 100 for at least 15 weeks, Sportify has now named ‘Despacito’ remix with Justin Bieber the most streamed song globally. 

The song has more than 786 million streams with DJ Khaled and French Montana round out the top three most-streamed songs globally. Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller at No. 2, and Frenc0h’s “Unforgettable” coming in at No. 3.

It’s amazing how much Latin music is being embraced globally.

In case you haven’t listened to “Despacito” remix yet (which is insane since it’s such an amazing song), have a listen below:

Beware: Pickpockets Are Back Better Than Ever

I’m going to keep this real succinct and raw; let your guard be on extreme alert in Nairobi. Yep, these pickpocket guys are no joke neither are they bluffing.

I write this in a complete state of discombobulation that I was actually nicked this very week (go easy on me with the laughs). Believe me when I say that the hardest thing to as a man, is admitting that some
ordinary looking guy got the best of you and actually duped you! Sounds yuck and embarrassing, kind of like ‘hey sorry I pooped my pants!’ It all happened in a 14 seater PSV and the annoying part is you only connect the dots after the mini-van is long gone.

As I boarded the PSV, I sat in the front row just behind the driver’s section right near the door. My destination was a distance of Ksh 20 (mbao), so my in my mind I needn’t be so on guard. Shock on me! I was sat beside some two ordinary-looking guys who kept fidgeting and (one of them) creating scenes to lower my guard even further.

To make matters worse, the conductor came to squeeze with us in front as he was purportedly fixing something with the front passenger door (that never had a problem in the first place coming to think of it). All of these activities, inclusive of one of the guys seated on the same row gave the guy right next to me a great and logical reason to press up right on me and bump my right thigh frequently. The thigh that had my precious phone seated deep in its pocket!

I wondered to myself that these were really very strange proceedings and too much commotion in a short span of time. It all seemed malicious to me, but again because my mind was drawn to the commotion, naturally my guard was way down.

Cue, the guy who pretends to be the Good Samaritan! One clever guy at the back spurts out that there is an item that just flew out of the PSV and fallen on the path. It did seem a possibility as the conductor
was frequently opening our door. Flummoxed by all this, I touch my right pocket and alas!

Nothing… my thigh was supposed to be bulging with my phone, but it wasn’t there so I quickly alight and the clever fox at the back confirms to me that indeed I should dash back and find it! “Thank you! Whew! Kumbe Kenya has great citizens… Boy I’m I proud to be a Kenyan. Mayonde wasn’t lying when she sang about Nairobi!” Double shock on me as I never found anything even after tirelessly asking around the boda boda guys.

Believe me that’s when I started connecting all the dots together; the guy creating a scene on my row; the conductor coming to squeeze us; and the commotion with fixing the already good doors! This was all a psychological trick to lower my guard.

Too bad the PSV was long gone out of sight. So next time you board any public vehicle, be on extreme
guard and if possible resist any attempt by your conductor of squeezing you guys (especially of you put your items in your pockets!).

These guys are usually a number of them, like 3-4 and are in cahoots with the
conductors! Lest you alight the matatu praising your great city of
Nairobi only to curse it a few minutes later!

How To Ensure Your Vote Counts #KenyaDecides

Come tomorrow you (the eligible voter) will be issued 6 ballot papers once you are inside the voting room.

Each ballot paper has a color that coincides the ballot box you will be dropping it into:

Black: Presidential ballot paper

Green: Parliamentary ballot (MP)

Beige: County assembly ward (MCA)

Yellow: Senatorial

Purple: County woman rep

Blue: Governor

See the sample below:


What you (the eligible voter) should also take care of is how you mark your ballot paper to avoid it being regarded to as spoiled vote; refer to the image below:

How to Mark a Ballot Paper  Poster copy

Ensure that your mark does not go outside the box. It can only either be your finger print, a tick or an X not a hashtag, not a smiley and certainly not a dot.

There will also be a pen provided for you inside the voting booth so you need not worry if you dont have one during the process.

In case you make a mistake, you are only allowed two more “fresh” ballot papers so feel free to ask for a fresh ballot paper if you make a mistake on one in order to make your vote count.


15 African Jams That Should Be On Your Playlist Right Now


Written By Khanyilanga Ndlovu


We’re all looking forward to a lit 🔥 time this 2017 and this playlist is just what you need to start turning up!

1. Mr Eazi- Short Skirt  ft. Tekno, BkChatLDN, Odunsi, Temi, Eddie Kadie, Oyemykke

2. Shourtie- Nakutaka tu Wewe


3. Amanda Black – Kahle


4. Navy Kenzo- Bajaj ft Patoranking

5. Kagwe Mungai – Nyumbani ft Alicios

6. Nandy – Wasikudanganye

7. Efya – Until The Dawn

8. Tiwa Savage – All Over

9. A-Reece – Feelings ft Flame

10. Ezi Emela – No Lele

11. Petra – Bandit ft Empress

12. Vivian – Attention ft Redsan

13.  Ngiyaz’fela ngawe – Kwesta ft Thabsie

14. Charlotte – Prince Kaybee ft Lady Zamar

15. Davido – IF 


For more, listen to Nana Fofie’s mashup of 2016’s & 2017’s African Hits

Natural Hair Mistakes You Might Be Making

Written By: Khanyilanga Ndlovu


If you find yourself stuck and frustrated with the state and length of your natural hair and are looking to grow longer, healthier locks, keep reading.

Growing natural hair is a task that requires patience and a great deal of responsibility as it is delicate and demanding in nature due to its kinks which make it more structurally fragile. It needs to be cared for as though it were a baby.


Poor Diet

You need to be as careful with what you put in the interior of your body as  with what you apply on the exterior. This includes everything you eat, so if you’re maintaining an ineffective diet you’re most likely maintaining ineffective hair growth as well.

What you’re probably missing:

Water ; Water is a staple in all areas of your body’s development and most people get  a satisfactory amount everyday to keep them functioning fairly well throughout the day but the water consumed goes firstly to essential organs inside your body where they are needed most and then the rest will be used by less prioritized areas like your hair and skin. This is what makes it important to consume a great quantity of water everyday so that your body spends a good amount nourishing your hair and skin. Incorporate more water in your diet everyday by eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are water rich e.g, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Celery and Cucumbers. Encourage an increased water intake by using water reminder apps to challenge yourself.

Eggs ; Eggs are an excellent and easy source of a rainbow of minerals and  nutrients that are essential for hair growth, including protein, Vitamin B12, and Biotin.

Oysters/ Beef/ Lamb ; These three sources of protein also provide you with surplus amounts of Zinc that are excellent at preventing shedding and loss of hair.

Whole grains & Nuts ;  The mixture of hearty whole grains and nuts will bestow you with Zinc, Iron,  B Vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, nourishing you with a multitude of hair benefits.


Generally, a balanced diet, identifiable by a colourful plate of fresh and organic elements , should be sufficient for healthy hair growth.

Damaging Hair With Heat

Heat damage is one of the most prevailing reasons some people fail to observe their hair grow past a certain point.

Heat damage is caused by too-frequent blow dryer use with high heat, flat ironing at high temperatures and with unsuitable irons. It is recommended to expel the use of heat on your hair completely but this is unrealistic for many people because of styling demands and the ease of manipulation of hair so we should at least try to limit our use.

Heat damage to natural hair can be detected by hair failing to revert back to its natural curl pattern after wetting; excessive split ends and breakage; moisture-less, brittle and dull strands.

Improving the effects of heat damage requires persistence with moisturizing treatments in particular. Many people don’t realize the significance of moisture and hydration on their hair and as a result unknowingly neglect their hair and limit themselves from reaching their hair’s full length and health potential.

Hair should be moisturized and sealed daily, with conditioning happening at least once a week.

Some simple methods to reduce the likelihood of heat damage include:

  • Using heat protectant products before applying heat to the hair to coat and guard the hair from burning. Vegetable and cooking oils like Coconut and Olive oil should be avoided before the application of heat as they may cause the strands to burn or melt.
  • Lowering dryer/iron temperature and using a ‘cool’ setting if available for those who must use the dryer frequently.
  • Reducing frequency of use to at most once a month by relying on protective styles.
  • Air drying hair instead of blow drying.


Not Wearing Protective Styles

Wearing your hair down, with it making contact with your clothes increasing the chances of it being damaged.

One of the most common causes of breakage is friction of the hair against clothing and other surfaces, causing snagging and tearing , or sleeping without wearing an appropriate hair cover such as a satin scarf or using a satin pillowcase. Breaking is also caused by extreme manipulation of the hair. This happens when combing, brushing,    de-tangling and even braiding is overdone, or occurs too frequently.

Pulling causes the hair to become weak at the shaft and may make the hair more fragile at already delicate spots ( the kinks), therefore styles such as high ponytails that apply stress to the roots should be worn minimally.

Distinguishing between shedding and breakage is important , so as to be accurate when eliminating the problem. When hair has broken off, whether the piece is long or short, no cuticle is visible whereas hair that has been shed has a white cuticle visible or a small bump that can be felt at the end in case the cuticle is not visible.

Long lasting protective styles include braids, cornrows and even simple buns.  Some are pictured below:



Fear of Making Mistakes

Lastly, one of the biggest setbacks people face when trying to grow out their hair is fear.

Sometimes people fear making big changes to their routines and adjusting their ideas and viewpoints because  of the ambiguity of the outcome of those changes.  Fear holds us back from learning and making mistakes, and therefore learning once again. We need to experiment and discover more so we grow our confidence with our hair and find hair care methods that are personally suitable for us.

Learning from our errors and change is beneficial to us because small mistakes that are repeated can have big, negative outcomes overtime.

Another obstacle we establish for ourselves is comparison. Comparing hair growth journeys is not advisable and is a sure to backfire. It doesn’t aid to our fears. Comparing  can deter one’s self confidence  and increase frustration, thus encouraging the reluctance to keep putting in effort and trying new things.

Believe in yourself and in your hair. 

4 Reasons Why We Should All Be Living Like Kardashians



Yes, the Kardashians are some of the most controversial television personalities but they are also some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. So it’s fair to say there’s a lot we can learn from them; Here are 4 Reasons We Should All Be Living Like Kardashians (and Jenners).


1.Family Comes First

For anyone watching KUWTK,  it isn’t difficult to see just how unified the Kardashians really are.

All of Kris’ children have grown into busy and wealthy adults with their own extravagant lives (and some even their own children) but they clearly never hesitate to return home to catch up with their mother and with each other. On top of that, they prioritize quality time spent bonding over unreal vacations or just humble sleepovers.

How often do we take time out of our daily routines just to visit our siblings and parents just to say “How are you doing?” Besides this being a friendly way of showing your love, time spent well can be made even more valuable by acknowledging personal problems with your family and working through them together.

There have been multiple incidents where members of the family have been victimized by society e.g., Kim Kardashian’s robbery at gunpoint, Kourtney’s turbulent relationship with Scott Disick and the backlash they’ve faced when they have posted questionable content, but they came together, supported one another and overcame the situations.

They advocate familial values.


2.They Are Inspiring Figures of Feminism

Sisterhood is a big deal.  These ladies regularly place emphasis on supporting each other and rarely on competing against each other.

Their accomplishments as successful entrepreneurs don’t go unnoticed; Kylie’s sought-after cosmetics, brand new Kylie Shop, Khloe’s Good American fashion line, Kendall and Kylie’s clothing collection, just to name a few. This group of women also takes advantage of their influence over social media and use it as a platform to promote and sustain their brand. This tactic also allows them to set trends and use their positions to encourage body positivity and self-confidence.

We’ve all noticed how often the Kardashians break off relationships and move into new ones.  Looking at this from a positive light, we realize that the Kardashians are not pushovers and do not tolerate unsatisfactory efforts from their partners. With Kylie’s recent split from Tyga, the end of Kourtney’s unhealthy relationship with Scott and Khloe’s divorce finalization, we too are steered into standing up for ourselves, putting ourselves first and putting an end to situations that aren’t beneficial to us.

Apply this to your life and you’ll rarely find yourself stuck heartbroken and miserable on someone not even deserving of you.


3.They Face Genuine Human Problems & Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

We are often quick to criticize every little move and mistake made by this family as we expect them to be perfect, only because they are recurrently portrayed as having ideal and flawless lives, however this is an unrealistic standard to impose upon anyone. Even the Kardashians.

They are even in the slightest, relatable and empowering to women as Kim and Khloe have been open about their fertility complications multiple times on their reality shows; Kylie has been honest about her insecurities before, when in May she admitted to having had lip injections to produce a fuller look for herself.

Khloe and Rob have also both admitted to feeling insecure about their weight at times but with Khloe’s successful show “Revenge Body With Khloe”, it’s evident she herself has spent time sweating out her own revenge body and is now motivating multiple others to do so through training and the development of healthier lifestyles whilst Rob works with a life coach and personal trainer to get the best out of his body and life.

Moreover, social media provides them with a platform to encourage their fans and followers to work hard in the gym, especially when they post short snaps of their own challenging activities and routines.

4.They Are Exceedingly Welcoming

As often as the Kardashians leave relationships, they hop into new ones-in open arms- because they are so trusting and inviting, with their loving mother Kris, the heart of it all.

For example, boyfriends, fiancees and partners are amicably integrated into the family by being invited to join in on their intimate gatherings and family vacations, for example the embracement of Tyga and Corey during their Costa Rica expedition and Scott on almost all family trips regardless of the state of his relationship with Kourtney.

They place importance on their relationships with friends and distant family members as proved by their occasional visits to their family in Armenia and Kylie’s upcoming spin off “Life of Kylie” which will be centered around her relationship with BFF Jordyn Woods.

We can’t let ourselves forget that they are willing to share their lives with us viewers, and even though it is debatable whether this is an act of self-promotion or selflessness, it does take bravery and they do take the advantage of their show to benefit other people sometimes.