All Eyes On Fashion Influencer Kaninte.

If you are a fashion lover and you still don’t know Brenda Kwamboka a.k.a Just Kaninte, I gatchu. She is a fashion influencer doing the most in the country and here’s what you need to know about her.









-What inspired the name Just Kaninte?

My brand name was borne out of my name Kaninte.  I then added the just prefix which is a no brainer really  because I wanted to show that the blog will be all things me.

And  because I want/ed a brand name that represents me regardless of the path I decide to take in life be it blogging, design or even medical it made sense to have a very neutral and unique name. And in as much as I commonly go by Brenda kwamboka it wasn’t catchy or as unique as I’d want it to be.









▪️Have you always been into fashion?

For as  long as I can remember, yes. I always remember being very particular about what I want to wear and I’m glad my mum always allowed me to pick out my outfits.

▪️Is blogging a part time thing you do?

Yes, blogging is a part time hustle. 8-5  I’m a doctor (Pharmacist to be specific).

▪️What do you think about the street style in Kenya? 

Street style in Kenya is pretty dope. Attend events like Thrift Social and you’ll see it. I like the fact that a lot of young people are embracing it and being very expressive in their dressing.









▪️Is blogging taken seriously in our country and is it something that one can currently make a living  of?

To answer both questions: Yes and No.

Are there hopes of the industry getting better, definitely.

Like other art creatives, bloggers are sometimes not  taken seriously. People still have the “art is a thing people pursue for fun” mentality.  A couple of times I’ve been approached by local brands that want me to work for them for free or give me freebies in exchange for my services.  Forgetting that like everyone else, bloggers also have bills to pay.

I wish more people understood the amount of work that goes into putting up a blog post, then maybe they will compensate accordingly.

In the recent past however, a lot of brands are warming up to the idea of having bloggers as a marketing medium, and actually allocating a budget for the same.

▪️What fashion trend are you currently obsessed with?









I am not a jump-on-the-trend-wagon kind of a girl. But I do own a couple of pieces that I got solely coz I love them and not because they are trendy.

I only own one fanny pack and although I have only carried it once I think I am slowly falling in love with it. I recently attended the Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja and I realized a fanny pack is the most realistic bag there is, especially for such events. And the fact that it comes in so many different designs is a plus.

Let’s just say I am getting myself a couple of those soon.

▪️Which are your top five favorite trends so far this year?

Fanny packs


PVC errthang!

Checkered, tartan and plaid prints

Bold floral prints


***Am I allowed to say one that I hate? 😂 Gingham!….🙅 OMFG Passionately loathe it.  Funny though because I love checkered, plaid and tartan patterns. 🤷

▪️Which trends do you have so far?

The off shoulder trend which is a great way to add dimension to your outfit without trying too hard..

Fur Daaaaaaarling! Well faux fur to be precise 😂. But you get it.

Checkered, I have a blazer and pair of pants

Thigh high boots










▪️Sneakers or heels?

Both 😕!

For functionality sneakers but I also like to dress up and look sassy so heels

▪️Which fashion item in your closet do you wear the most?

I live in my black leggings. Dressed up or dressed down.

▪️What do you consider when searching for a stylist for your blog posts?

Theme comes first. Am I doing a street style themed shoot, is it a high-fashion editorial shoot etc…  Then I get a stylist who can bring my mood board to life.

▪️Who do you look up to in terms of fashion?

Rihanna. I am obsessed with her style.

▪️Shout out your top 5 Kenyan fashion bloggers.

This is a tough one. Kenya has so many stylish and fashionable people, some of them are not even fashion bloggers. I digress 😬!

▪️Is there any influential person you’ve always wanted to meet?

That would be Oprah.

▪️What would be the first thing you would ask him/her?

Guuuurl, how do you do that shit?!









▪️One fashion rule you always walk by?

Make friends with a good tailor.

Bonus: Create your own look book.

▪️ What’s your advise to those trying to make it in the fashion blogging business?

Identify your niche and get to understand what they love and give them that. As Bonang Matheba would say, Give The People What They Want.

Also network every so often, you never know how significant someone you meet is gonna be in your journey.

Can You Drink Alcohol And Still Lose Weight? (Yup! Here’s How)

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s nothing better than a night in on the couch with a glass of wine to help you relax. But, can you lose weight and still enjoy your occasional beer or cocktails?

Yes, you can, and here’re how:

Change up your routine

Sucker for daily happy hour? How about switching your gym hours to evening to avoid going out? This way, you will end up drinking less, and keeping up with your daily workouts. You’ll probably experience FOMO (fear of missing out) for the first few days but you’ll get the gist of it eventually.

Be mindful of the amount you are drinking

For many people, a glass or two is unrealistic. Once you start drinking, there is no stopping till the night ends. You need to learn to control how many drinks you have. The whole point is to avoid increasing the amount of calorie intake. It’s a skill that takes time to perfect but it is really worth it.

Choose a drink that you actually enjoy

If you have consistently been sticking to a healthy diet, then once you decide to break the rules a little, you might as well enjoy it. Forget the number of calories and choose a drink you actually enjoy. It’s okay to have a good time every once in a while.

Drink lots of water

You have probably heard this before. Drinking water in between your drinks is the smartest way to drink. Not only does it reduce your chances of getting a hangover but also helps reduce on the number of drinks you will have. The fewer the number of drinks, the fewer the calories.

Learn to have a good time sober

Yeah, I know. It will be one of the hardest things you’ll have to do to lose weight but you need to try. Learn to have a good time despite being sober among drunks. Look on the bright side; you will avoid the bad hangover.


Stay Young & Stress-Free With These 5 Tips

Written By: Nadia Nguru

Often times, one tends to forget to appreciate themselves and preserve their mental health and sanity, leading to mental and physical afflictions caused by stress where we find ourselves being sidetracked by our obligations, too busy to notice the beauty in the simple things in life. Sometimes, it’s imperative that we close off the world and release the negative energy

5 simple things that can be done to distress:

  1. Listen to some spoken word, watching artists express themselves with immense conviction to tell a story, is like chicken soup for the aching soul. The beauty of listening and/or watching anything to do with spoken word is that there are numerous varieties and genres that you can pick and choose from, whether it’s listening to the likes of amateurs such as Nadia Nguru express her feelings on her journey of self-love, or witnessing artists like Jaaziyah empower crowds through the power of the voice.
  2. This is one of my favourite things to do to distress as you can literally get up and stretch wherever you are. Albeit, you might acquire strange glances from fellow coworkers if you opted to suddenly pop a squat or bend over in the office. The best part about stretching is it allows you to stay young considering it forces you to maintain flexibility, giving you the upper hand as you’re less likely to start complaining of aching joints and body parts
  3. Try hot/cold showers. As frightening as this may sound for many, especially during this chilly Nairobi weather, showering with both hot and cold water can be extremely beneficial in eradicating stress. During a shower, it is best to first shower with hot water, then switch to cold water-continuing this cycle for 2-3 times during a shower. For those who are looking for a way to achieve the same effect but don’t have too much time to waste in the shower, you can alternatively enjoy your hot shower then during the last minute of your shower, switch off the hot water and let your muscles relax under the chilling embrace of the cold water.
  4. If you’re in the mood for a more cathartic form of releasing stress then writing down your thoughts and tearing them into small pieces would be the best option for you. Writing allows you to express yourself in silence and it provides you with the opportunity to share your inner most feelings on a person or object, without actually having to engage in office or classroom mushene. The most freeing part about this technique is that you get to tear up whatever you have written, freeing you from the burden of having to concentrate on one particular issue.
  5. Imagine the situation you are in happening in black and white. For instance, if you are talking to someone and they happen to be saying something particularly unpleasing, you can always try and imagine the situation you are in being in black and white, this can be particularly helpful when you are engaged in an altercation with someone of seniority, eg a supervisor.

Viceroy 10 Year Old Awarded World’s Best Brandy

Viceroy 10 year old vintage brandy, was awarded as the world’s best brandy at the 2018 World Brandy Awards announced in London.

A true testimony of the multi-awarded winning House of Van Ryn’s where the brandy is usually crafted, it beat fierce competition from leading South African brandies and those from countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the United States.

Viceroy 10 was launched last year in Kenya targeting the country’s sophisticated and premium market.

Brandy Master Wallies Uys of Van Ryn’s Distillery noted that the award underpins the outstanding quality of the brandy that has been praised for its exceptional smooth character and velvety finish.

“At the distillery we are continuously striving to create brandies of the highest standard. Only the best grapes are sourced and we hand-select the finest French oak barrels for maturation.  It takes patience and skill to make a brandy that one would only be able to enjoy in 10 years’ time. Receiving the World’s Best Brandy award is a moment of true celebration for us.”

The vintage brandy is expected to grow KWAL’s market share in the premium drinks category with an ambition to be the dominant player in the premium brandy category. The recommended retail price for the brandy is 3,000 Ksh.

Search For 2018 Africa Food Prize Winner Enters Home Stretch

The search for the winner of the 2018 Africa Food Prize, an award that recognizes outstanding individuals or institutions leading the effort to enhance sustainability in Africa’s agriculture, has a month to go. 

With the closing date for nominations for the US $100,000 prize set for 15th May, 2018, entrants have been urged to take advantage of the remaining period to make their submissions.

Now in its third year, the Prize has continued to grow in stature and popularity. In 2017, a total of 643 outstanding individuals, projects and institutions were put forward for consideration for the prestigious Prize. Nominations came from over 20 African countries in Africa as well as from countries outside the continent.

The 2018 winner will be chosen by the Africa Food Prize Committee, an independent body of preeminent leaders that is chaired by the former Nigerian President, H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo.

The 2017 Prize was jointly awarded to Hon. Prof. Ruth Oniang’o, a professor and advocate of nutrition from Kenya, and Mme Maïmouna Sidibe Coulibaly, an entrepreneur and agro industrialist from Mali, for their exemplary efforts in driving Africa’s agriculture transformation.

For more information on how to nominate someone please visit


Sondeka Awards Releases List Of Nominees

Creatives Garage is a cultural organization and hub for artists and innovators that allows them express themselves, network and learn from their peers. For years, Creatives Garage has, though its brand Sondeka Festival showcased and highlighted the vast wealth of imagination and talent that Kenya has to offer. 

This year Creatives Garage looks to award these very same artists and innovators with the help of the public via the Sondeka Awards. In order to get a nomination applicants had to fall under a selection of categories; Dance, Alternative/­Experimental music, Poetry and Spoken word, Traditional Art, Digital Art, Short Stories, Live Bands, and Online Radio and Podcasts. 

“Over the years I’ve come to realize that creatives need some form of recognition especially in Kenya where exposure is limited to a select few. We hope the awards will change that” Liz Kilili, founder and Chief Mechanic, Creatives Garage.

After a one month application period, Creatives Garage is delighted to present to you the list of nominees for public voting today, the14th of March 2017. Our panel of judges selected the final nominees from a pool of over 130 successful applicants. The criteria the panelists used to choose their finalists were: 


Selection Criteria


technique, process


delivery, implementation

Quality of craft

professional output, look and feel, finesse (quality control)


What new thing was brought into the table, was media was used to put out the work unique

Overall experience

How it makes you feel


Due to a very highly competitive nomination process two categories, Spoken Word and Poetry and Alternative/­Experimental music, have five nominees each while the rest have three

Inaugural 2018 Sondeka Awards Nominees


Sondeka Awards nomination list




Traditional Art

Winter Oirya


David Maina


Oscar Osumo


Poets and Spoken word

Nicole Akinyi


Michael Onsando


Mumbi Macharia


Tessy Aura


Stori za Kapedo


Digital Art

Wanjiru Thiong’o


Feysal Anthony Nair


Anne Gichuki


Alternative/Experimental music

Steve Biko/ G-cho Pevu


Abakisimba Troupe


Ayrosh N/A


L.O.T Group


Linda Girl Group


Short Stories

Mark Maish


James Gicheru


Mishi Khalid




Mwihaki Muraguri



Bboy Harry


Dancing Biochemist


Oneal Otutu


Live Bands

Maia Von Lekow


Tetu Shani


Grand Master Masese


Online radio and Podcasts

Omenerds Podcast


Sasabasi live




Voting starts on 14th March 2018 and ends on 24th March 2018. To vote go to Voters must select for all categories and can vote once a day for the next ten days.


Taxify Celebrates Female Drivers in International Women’s Day Event

As a celebration of the female drivers on the platform, Taxify held a cocktail event on 8th March, International Women’s day, at Pride Centre, Westlands.

 Almost 100 women gathered to enjoy dinner and great music as well as interact with and get to know each other. “I didn’t know we were so many female drivers using the Taxify platform!” said one driver.

The goal of the event was to recognise and appreciate all women using the Taxify application to connect with riders and make a living. A panel of 5 outstanding female drivers were interviewed and had an opportunity to share tips and their best practices with fellow colleagues.

Kanze Dena, TV anchor and journalist from Citizen TV was the main speaker. She encouraged the women to work hard and to support each other. “It is important for us as women to believe in ourselves and to pursue our dreams relentlessly without giving up. Whatever your goal is, press forward towards it and do not stop until you achieve it,” said Kanze.

 The women drivers expressed joy and delight in the event. “Nobody has appreciated me today. So I want to thank Taxify for thinking about the female driver and celebrating us in this way,” said Halima Ngei, one of the top female drivers on the Taxify platform.

Unilever Kenya and Taxify provided all the women with gifts to take home. The top 5 female drivers were awarded supermarket shopping vouchers and branded merchandise from Taxify.

“We want to thank all the female drivers on the Taxify platform for their hard work and want to commend them for remaining strong and providing top notch service.” said a Taxify representative at the event.

Best Dressed At This Year’s Fashion High Tea

It rained and it poured over the weekend but it was in no way about to dull The Fashion High Tea event at Zen Garden.

Fashion lovers put their best style foot forward at the yearly event for a worthy cause. All proceeds went towards Hope and Faith Centre For Disabled in Kiambu County.

Here are some of the best dressed that we were able to capture:


































































Tequila Rose Launches New Color Changing Bottle.

Tequila Rose, the best selling strawberry and tequila cream liqueur was officially launched in Kenya by First Drinks Kenya in 2012.

The brand recently enhanced its bottle to a new color changing one including a logo that turns
pink when at the perfect chilled temperature for serving. Other enhancements include; reflective shiny roses and colorful pink strawberries to reinforce the flavor element and the bottle’s visibility.

Adored across the globe for how perfect it mixes in cocktails, Tequila Rose is also a wonderful addition to many dessert creations. The vibrant rose on the bottle represents, the modern day confident, fearless and fun loving woman.

Whether at home, out with friends after a long day at work, Tequila Rose is the perfect sweet treat to unwind over.

“Tequila Rose continues to gain popularity in the market due to its sweet strawberry flavor, creaminess and fresh new look bottle. We’re already receiving a great level of interest since the re-design, and with Valentine’s and Mother’s Day on the horizon there’s even more reason to indulge in Tequila Rose.

Look forward to memorable Tequila Rose moments at some of your favorite outlets in Nairobi soon,” added Jennifer Njeri, Marketing Manager, First Drinks Kenya.

Tequila Rose is produced by US-Based McCormick Distilling and is sold
internationally in over 60 markets. The brand is locally distributed in the region by First
Drinks Kenya. For more information follow the brand on

Fairtrade Africa Partners With Artcaffe To Promote Uptake Of Export Rated Coffee

Fairtrade Africa has entered into an agreement with ArtCaffe to promote uptake of premium-blended coffee among Kenyans.

In a campaign dubbed #coffeewithdignity, Kenyans have always taken the normal house coffee but in this new initiatives, coffee lovers will be able to access the export coffee blend from Artcaffé at an affordable price.

At the same time, the initiative will be able to empower Kenyan coffee farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price and a sustainable source of income for their beans.

According to Alfonce Nzyuko, Regional Manager at Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery, the campaign is designed to educate local consumers about the importance of ethical coffee consumption:

“Coffee lovers will now be able to order the signature Fairtrade coffee blend in at all Artcaffe outlet as an alternative to the house blend or purchase it ground and pre-packaged as a takeaway option for consumption at home or at work.”

The launch of the #CoffeewithDignity campaign comes at a time when consumption in coffee locally has been growing. Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery estimates an increase of 19% in 2017 alone in coffee consumption.  Not only is coffee culture seeing an upward trend, there is a genuine interest by the growing middle-class towards supporting sustainable development within the country. 

Meanwhile, the Artcaffe Fairtrade Coffee Blend is available in the outlet for Ksh 290 served in a French press. It is also available for purchase as a 250g ground box for Ksh 690. Since the campaign started, consumption has increased of filter coffee (French press) of 4% total coffee consumption of Artcaffe.

Up to date, Artcaffe has sold 600 cups of coffee of fair trade at the restaurant level translate to 25kg of fair trade coffee. 200 packets of fairtrade coffee have been sold so far – translate to 50kg of coffee.