Nyama Mama Unveils Second Full-Service Outlet

Nyama Mama restaurant has proudly launched its second signature outlet. Located at the Capital Centre, Mombasa
Road, the establishment will become a focal point of the area serving both local residents and tourists connecting to the airport alike.

Nyama Mama is a new interpretation of the things we so fondly grew up with. An urban atmosphere with a nostalgic feel, it is as though you were sitting at grandma’s home. In fact the UK’s Evening Standard heralded it as ‘giving African food a much needed modern makeover’ along with famed American Chef Personality Anthony Bourdain making Mama’s a pit stop on his Kenyan Adventure.

After working as a cook in exclusive safari lodges around East and West Africa, Mama as gone back to her childhood roots preparing home-style dishes with an eclectic twist. A fun African roadside diner Mama’s food is a burst of flavour, taking common dishes and transforming them into something contemporary. And when Mama was on the dusty road, she would mix magical spicy and fruity potions for her friends, using fine African ingredients and special homemade infusions. Her cocktails are one-of-kind served in iconic metal Vikombe.

This opening comes on the back of Mama’s recent win at the 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards where she was awarded for Best African Cuisine, Africa Continent. Nyama Mama currently calls Delta Corner home in Westlands. At Capital Centre, Mama will introduce an area of fun activities and a shop of Mama’s collectables that have become so coveted.

What is this new phenomenon that is IG TV?

In the nearly-eight years since Instagram launched in October 2010, the app has made a name for itself as the go-to platform for short-form content. Got a great photo (or small set of photos) that the world just has to see? Share it to your feed. How about a slightly less impressive photo or short video clip? Post it to your Instagram Story. The latest news from Instagram, however, indicates a shift toward longer-form content on the platform.   


So, what is IGTV on Instagram? It’s the new big thing from the ‘Gram, so obviously, everyone is about to freak out over it… and you need to be in the know.

According to a press release from the Instagram Team “IGTV is a brand new experience inside the main Instagram app, and it’s also its own dedicated standalone app” So now we know that all your favorite “vloggers” will hop onto this quick and fast, only a matter of time until we see which one will be bigger IGTV or YouTube Have you tried it out yet? Hit us up and let us know how you feel about it.

Beyoncé & Jay Z Show Off Twins At The First “OTR II Tour” Show


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On the Run II tour just started and the internet is in a frenzy! 

The couple is currently kicked off their stadium tour in Cardiff and fans at the show were posting pics and videos from the epic music event on social media. One major moment that had social media buzzing was when the couple appeared to show off their twins Rumi Carter and Sir Carter in a photo. 


Social media users have posted images of the couple holding babies, alongside a series of messages. One message reads “love never changes” while another reads “love is universal.”


But it sounds like the twins weren’t featured in this part of the show. The couple’s rep told media outlets that  “it’s not” Bey and Jay’s twins in the photo.

Which poses the question are those the Carter Twins or Bey and Jay trying to break the internet again? They sure look like Jay-Z though…


G Money Schools People Once Again

Now if you’ve heard this week’s ROTW London Town – Mr Eazi Featuring Giggs [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j68223GPWCM[/embedyt]  you definitely know what I’m talking about, earlier on today G Money (Host of GMITM) took it upon himself to educate the masses on a line that Mr Eazi dropped and left many confused but Uncle G said “worry not brethren, i will bestow unto you the knowledge that was bestowed unto me” 


The line in context “Man try take Eazi for chihuahua” is generally meant to mean that Mr Eazi is a big deal in this music industry but some people take him for a small deal like a chihuahua (a small dog) of which he is not.

He later took to twitter to say this…


Did you know it had a deeper meaning other than just rhymes to a song? or were you schooled today morning? Hit me up, lets get talking 

ANGA Cinemas To Launch First 4D Theatres In Kenya

In October, ANGA Cinemas will be launching the first 4D theatres in Kenya.

MX4D Motion EFX Theatre is the newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, it has immersive environment where one can actually “feel” the action on the screen from the built-in motion and effects in the seats.

The idea behind 4DX is to bring viewers inside the film using a wide array of special effects.

This is how awesome the experience will be:

  • The cinema’s chairs are equipped with motors which allow three base movements: heave (up and down), pitch (left and right), and roll (tilt backwards and forward).
  • Seats move, vibrate, shoot bursts of air and water while giant fans create wind gusts.
  • Fog machines pump out smoke.
  • The cinema’s chairs are equipped with motors which allow three base movements: heave (up and down), pitch (left and right), and roll (tilt backwards and forward). This allows the seats to mimic movement on screen, like a plane flying or a car speeding down a street. A team of 4DX editors coordinate the seats’ movement for each movie shown.
  • Wind, bubbles, lightning, fog, scent, vibration, air shots, and water shots are used during the movie to simulate explosions, storms, or the “smell of coffee”.

“4DX presents an all-five-senses immersive cinematic experience allowing everyone to connect with the movie,” said its creators.

ANGA Diamond will have four theatres which are able to show 2D, 3D and 4D.

ANGA Cinemas are hoping to open more theatres in and around Nairobi before moving outside the city. Their target is to open 35 cinema theatres in the next five years with at least 100 screens.


Heineken Launches Premium Draught Beer In Kenya

HEINEKEN East Africa has launched its latest premium draught beer that offers consumers quality straight beer from the brewery into the glass just as the brew master intended it to! The innovative delivery system seeks to cater to the rising demand for quality, premium beer.

The Heineken® BrewLocksystem is a revolutionary one that is designed to transform the draught experience by delivering consistent quality in an environmentally sound manner, using the atmosphere instead of complex blends of CO2 and Nitrogen to push the beer out of the keg, into the beer line.

Not only, does it simplify bartenders’ life by providing them with a fast and easy system, it will keep them busy as it will give our Heineken®loving costumers a truly great experience that will keep them coming for more, in a responsible manner.

“The benchmark entry of draught beer is momentous as it reflects the growth of our East African business and the commitment we have to expanding our local footprint in addition to solidifying our portfolio,’’Njeri Mburu, Marketing Manager, HEINEKEN East Africa. 

The new Heineken® draught beer is another milestone after the successful launch of premium beer Amstel® into the East African market, 4 months ago. It will be available in 5 initial pilot outlets where Kenyans will get to experience it in a 250 & 500ml glass:3 in Westlands: Sankara Hotel, J’s fresh bar and kitchen and Tapas Ceviche and Purdy Arms in Karen& Kengelesin Lavington.

The innovation will be rolled out to other outlets within the year.

Aaliyah: Her Top Five Tunes

Lists such as these are always debatable – especially with an artist who affected people as much as the late Aaliyah did. Baby Girl had a catalogue of hits – and the tightest musical crew that has possibly ever existed in the world of RnB. She made history with Timbaland, Missy and Ginuwine – they referred to themselves as the ‘Superfriends’ and it showed.

Her music seemed ahead of its time, and has aged pretty darn well.

So perhaps this list is my OWN list of favourite Aaliyah songs. What are yours?

We Need A Resolution

Rock The Boat

Back and Forth

If Your Girl Only Knew

One In A Million

Jon B: One Of RnB’s Silkiest Singers

And we don’t just mean his hair!

John B had soul – and was pretty fly for a white guy. Before Justin became the ‘Annointed’ following from his stint in the pseudo- RnB group N Sync, Jon B was everything.

His connection to one of the biggest producers at the time – Babyface – he had just what it took to get to the top of radio playlists across the world with hits such as “Someone to Love,” “They Don’t Know” and “Are U Still Down” (featuring Tupac Shakur).

He lost his way a little bit thanks in part to label mergers in the late 90’s and a poorly promoted album in 2004.

But he’s still working in music, as a producer and songwriter and yes. He’s still making music.

Jon B still has it. Hopefully he gets to show it off a little bit more.

Jon B – They Don’t Know

#RnBVeterans Brandy Vs Monica In ‘The Boy Is Mine’

For the young person living through the late nineties and early 2000’s, no song had quite the kind of cultural impact of Brandy and Monica’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’ – a duet between two RB powerhouses that came out at a time when the media loved to pit two successful, attractive female artists against each other.

Nothing much has changed in today’s world, but without the advent of social media to allow us to dissect our ideas and shoot down any kind of attempt at sexism in music, we all lapped it out.

Of course the two hated each other. Of COURSE the song was about a real person in their lives. And of course it was one of the biggest RnB songs of the era.

Monica and Brandy are still fighting today (so perhaps that little rumour was true)

But that’s besides the point.

This one was a banger.

SANKALP Announces 5th Edition Of Africa Summit In Nairobi

One of Africa’s largest impact investing forums, the SANKALP Africa Summit, promises to positively engage over 1,000 different stakeholders from across the impact investing ecosystem, to deliberate on strategies for building partnerships and collaborations to drive the sustainability and inclusion agenda in Africa for its 5th Edition which will be hosted in Nairobi.

This year’s summit, scheduled to take place on March 1st and 2nd, is themed ‘OPEN ALLIANCES FOR A SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE AFRICA 2030 and will revolve around the Sustainable Development Goals and how various partners can work together to achieve these goals with the private sector.

“How can we ensure a future where quality education, affordable healthcare and livelihoods are the new social defaults as defined in the drive towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? Can we commit to making choices today to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for all? The SANKALP Africa Summit aims to bring together carefully curated entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, corporates, academics, policy makers, and other thought-leaders from around the globe to discuss these and other complex questions under the framework of Goal 17 of the SDGs.

The Summit will help drive these exciting discussions, which have been structured in various formats like master classes and panel sessions, and address key topics areas like financing towards attaining the goals, building sustainable impact-based enterprises, forging collaborative partnerships, and imagining the future beyond the goals themselves.

According to Nisha Dutt, Intellecap CEO, “We are very excited to bring the 5th edition of Sankalp to Nairobi and continuing the dialogue with our partners on how to achieve SDGs for Africa by 2030. The summit aims to create open and unlikely alliances of thought leaders who are committed to making a substantial contribution towards driving a sustainable and inclusive agenda for Africa”

Another key part of the summit is the SANKALP Africa Awards which aims to recognize and reward high impact enterprises in the Africa region. Five finalists from key impact sectors across the region will get the opportunity to pitch their enterprises to a jury panel comprising of eminent business leaders.

The Summit is supported by key partners such as World Bank, Doen Foundation, Miller Center, Kenya Climate Innovation Center, BMW Foundation, IDRC and several others who champion innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact investing for a sustainable and inclusive Africa.

To participate in the Summit, please visit africasummit2018.sankalpforum.com where you can buy a delegate ticket, or an exhibition booth to come and showcase your enterprise or your innovation team to a global audience at the Summit.