Blankets And Wine Goes Down In Style

Event lovers were treated to a memorable experience last weekend as Blankets & Wine celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary.
The line up lived up to expectation especially Muthoni Drummer Queen’s performance.
Atemi and Chris Adwar were the first to take the stage followed by the trio Elani who had us singing along to some of their great hits. Nyashinski had me weak on the knees and I know I speak for most of the ladies present at the event as well, he serenade us and immediately got us jamming along to his come back hits but the crowd went wild immediately he brought out his Kpleptomaniax crew from way bak, oh the memories. Feng made a couple of appearance on stage during Nyashinski and MDQ’s performance.
Nyashinski announced Cedo’s upcoming project and performed alongside Hart The Band’s Mordecai, the soon to be released jam by the trio called Bahari.
We were treated to another exclusive one when Blinky took the stage and performed for the first time on Kenyan soil his new album “Everyone’s Just Winging it and other fly tales” he too brought back his gang Just a band on stage.
Saudi sol were the last to perform and it was truly worth the midnight wait.
The fashion as always was breathtaking so why don’t we feast our eyes on a couple of my favorite looks from the event.

Has Mr Eazy’s Account Been Hacked?

Africa sensation Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade better known as Mr Eazi has only been in the country for a day and already has the internet thinking his account has been hacked.







The Leg Over singer came through for the drive show and you know how crazy Mike Sheila and Kerry get. Well, looks like the trio recruited Mr Eazi today as they played D Cups and let’s just say Eazi was not ready.







The rules of D Cups are pretty simple: you either answer truthfully or sip the nasty concoction, our guest was not about to drink and God forbid probably have to miss his show tomorrow because of a running stomach, or even worse…

Eazi was dared to tweet “I love the smell of Davido’s fart” and to tag him or drink the ugly stuff. I know right? 

The Ghanaian based singer who is set to perform at the Ngong Racecourse this weekend, tweeted and the internet dust has not yet settled.









Check out the comments that cracked me up.










































































USADF Hosts Youth Entrepreneurship Summit In Nairobi

The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF), in partnership with the Citi Foundation and the U.S. Department of State, hosted the 2018 Youth Entrepreneurship Summit with Africa’s top 50 social entrepreneurs from 18 countries from February 26 to 28 in Nairobi.

The Summit brought together past and present young entrepreneurs, all of whom have been awarded seed capital from USADF to grow their businesses to improve their communities. “USADF invests in young entrepreneurs as they build their businesses and improve livelihoods in their communities.

Equipping young people to be a part of Africa’s growth is vital to Africa’s economic development needs,” says C.D. Glin, President & CEO of the U.S. African Development Foundation. “These young business leaders are part of a generation that will drive the growth and prosperity of the entire continent.”

“At Citi, we have been committed to the development of Africa since 1920, and through the Citi Foundation we have the opportunity to carry out programs that generate economic progress in the region through high-impact regional and local initiatives, with a focus on young adults and women.

The Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative is working with the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) to provide young entrepreneurs with the business support services and access to seed capital needed to cultivate their businesses,” said Citi Cluster Head for East Africa, Joyce-Ann Wainaina.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit featured networking, cross-sector collaboration, and skill-building sessions led by expert facilitators, thought leaders and local business men and women. This unique opportunity gave USADF’s youth entrepreneurs access to a built-in network of collaborators, mentors, partners, and peers that they may draw upon as their enterprises expand.

USADF Board Member Iqbal Paroo moderated a panel on the final day of the conference concerning the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as mentoring and advising in small group coaching sessions with USADF grantees.

The USADF-Citi Foundation partnership impacts young entrepreneurs in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

These youth-led enterprises in which USADF and the Citi Foundation have invested will continue to make an impact in communities throughout the continent in the years and decades to come.

In collaboration USADF and the Citi Foundation will provide over $500,000 in follow-onfunding for 12 of their most promising previous winners. These two-time grant recipients have demonstrated catalytic and socially conscious business solutions to issues they have identified in their communities.

These seed capital grants support entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, like Dr. Charles Akhimein who launched a mobile platform to answer health-related questions and advice for teenagers in Nigeria, and Brenda Katwesigye who provides affordable eye care to low-income children.

The Citi Foundation awarded USADF $450,000 in 2017 as part of its global expansion of Pathways to Progress, which has committed to reach 500,000 young people by 2020 with a $100 million investment.

This is Citi and the Citi Foundation’s solution to the current high rates of youth unemployment and the need to prevent a lost generation of talent.

To date, USADF’s has invested over $4 million dollars in seed capital to 200 entrepreneurs in over 30 countries, many of whom will be in attendance in Nairobi next week.

USADF selects Africa’s top entrepreneurs through the United States’ Young African Leadership Initiative, drawing Mandela Washington Fellows and alumni from Regional Leadership Centers throughout the continent.

Tequila Rose Launches New Color Changing Bottle.

Tequila Rose, the best selling strawberry and tequila cream liqueur was officially launched in Kenya by First Drinks Kenya in 2012.

The brand recently enhanced its bottle to a new color changing one including a logo that turns
pink when at the perfect chilled temperature for serving. Other enhancements include; reflective shiny roses and colorful pink strawberries to reinforce the flavor element and the bottle’s visibility.

Adored across the globe for how perfect it mixes in cocktails, Tequila Rose is also a wonderful addition to many dessert creations. The vibrant rose on the bottle represents, the modern day confident, fearless and fun loving woman.

Whether at home, out with friends after a long day at work, Tequila Rose is the perfect sweet treat to unwind over.

“Tequila Rose continues to gain popularity in the market due to its sweet strawberry flavor, creaminess and fresh new look bottle. We’re already receiving a great level of interest since the re-design, and with Valentine’s and Mother’s Day on the horizon there’s even more reason to indulge in Tequila Rose.

Look forward to memorable Tequila Rose moments at some of your favorite outlets in Nairobi soon,” added Jennifer Njeri, Marketing Manager, First Drinks Kenya.

Tequila Rose is produced by US-Based McCormick Distilling and is sold
internationally in over 60 markets. The brand is locally distributed in the region by First
Drinks Kenya. For more information follow the brand on

OKHI Celebrates 100,000 Deliveries To People’s Doorsteps With It’s ‘Location-Based’ Solution

OkHi, a Nairobi-based tech startup, has launched a new consumer mobile app to allow people to easily own, customize and share their location with the people and businesses they trust.
This will enable 100,000 deliveries in Nairobi in food delivery, ecommerce providers, and even ambulance services to bring critical services to people’s doorstep eliminating the constant ‘uko wapi’ constraint. 
“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included iny the new digital economy. OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customize their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’ challenge” explained Co-Founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.
OkHi The free-to-access app for consumers enables them to save multiple locations including home and work, and to share directions to these locations in a hassle free manner.  All this is done with the highest attention to the privacy and security of data – app users are able to control who gets access to their locations at the tip of their fingers without worry. Key functionalities also include the ability to order an Uber directly from the app as well as access a host of services such as food delivery and more. 
Co-Founder Timbo Drayson  further highlights, “After research and testing, we learned that normal directions continue to be one of the largest constraints. The battle of identifying a location by speedbumps and trees is still commonplace. Access to services hinges on accurate location identification, so we’re now giving users a better way to own their location and control who accesses it.” 
The versatility of the model means that it is not just limited for use to consumers. For instance small business owners, retailers and large corporates can use OkHi to give directions for meetings or to serve as a tool to draw in new customers.

Best Dressed At This Year’s Abryanz Style Fashion Awards (Pictures)


It’s still the talk on every fashionistas lips considering the pizzazz and style served during the event, so how about we take a look at those who put their best fashion foot forward at this year’s Abryanz Style Fashion Awards that went down in Uganda.

















































































Ghanaian actress, Nana Akua Addo also known as Slay Queen stole the show with her cracked mirror dress and walked away with the Most Stylish/Dressed Female Celebrity (Africa) award.

Another highlight of the night was of course our very own bagging awards as follows:

Fashion Blogger/Writer Of The Year(Africa)
Silvia Njoki

Best Dressed Male Media Personality (Africa)
Jamal Gaddafi

Best Dressed Female Media Personality (Africa)
Anita Nderu

Most Stylish Male Artiste (Africa)
Sauti Sol

Male FashionistaOf The Year (Africa)
Eddie Kirindo

Female FashionistaOf The Year(Uganda)
Rashidah Mwiza

Female Fashionista Of The Year (Africa)
Stefani Roma

The award ceremony celebrates fashion and rewards outstanding personalities in the same across the globe.

Steph Kapela’s Fiery “Wild Thoughts” Cover

Jamhuri Jam Sessions have done it again!

The popular online series has featured the amazingly talented Steph Kapela in their latest release; a new video for its latest cover, WILD THOUGHTS (SWAHILI/ENGLISH COVER) off their soon to be released compilation album: Jamhuri Jam Sessions at Nyama Mama.

Steph Kapela brings out an afro twist to Rihanna’s Wild Thoughts alongside Joe Mutoria on the guitar.

WILD THOUGHTS (SWAHILI/ENGLISH COVER) audio has been produced by Joe Mutoria,
and shot in the cozy Kenyan ‘high end kibanda’ themed restaurant, Nyama Mama Delta
Corner, Westlands by VJ One.



Women In Grime: Lady Leshurr

You cannot mention grime and fail to mention “Queen Speech” rapper and actress Lady Leshurr, I mean how can we not mention her after she gained praises from the one and only Eryka Badu and landed a collabo with grime godfather Wiley.



Before fans called her by her current rap moniker, she was Lady Lesha; from her real name, Melesha O’Garro.
Then how did it morph into Leshurr you ask? Well, after a hook from one of her early songs echoed “Leshurr (shurr)” and the exaggerated pronunciation became popular, she decided to stick with it.

 She got into music listening to one reggae song by Sister Nancy called Bam Bam prompting her to immediately start writing, but once she heard rapper and singer Ms Dynamite everything changed, Ms Dynamite was everything she wanted to be.

Other rappers who she admires to date include Eazy- E, Eminem and Lil Wayne.

An interesting fact you should know is that her mother was a great lover of reggae music and her siblings used to rap and sing as well.

She initially gained fame through her critically-acclaimed mixtapes, winning Best Female at the 2011 Official Mixtape awards and also took home the 2016 MOBO Award (MOBO stands for Music of Black Origin) for Best Female Act.

She co-produced the beats for her famous “Queen’s Speech” series with producers Z Dot and Krunchie and what actually inspired the series was watching battle raps; like if she was part of a battle rap that’s how she would punch; note that she has mentioned a number of times that she did not base or direct them at anyone, they were just freestyle and battle rap inspired. 

Off of her popular EP “Queens speech” “Queen speech 4” received the most love and respect, watch it below; the video is fun and spectacular.



A fun fact about the rapper is that she used to have 11 fingers, like an extra little finger without the bone, just skin and nail, she no longer does however cause her mother had it taken care of when she was young.

What you should also know about the rapper is that whilst  some of the negative feedback about her and her music used to get to her, now she uses every negative vibe or comment about her music to help her create the next; just like she did with her 3rd song from her “Queen speech” EP

She was once quoted saying “I have no beef with any female artist, I don’t look at the scene as competition. We all have to stick together, all the males in the music scene stick together, we need to do the same.”







Issues Facing Grime; The Lurking Shadow Of Violence

(Written By Michael Indeku)

Grime as a genre has come some way, sure it has. From the days when they had to literally pirate their own stations so that they could play their music, given the local stations in London were unwilling to take their music on board… It has now become one of the biggest and most celebrated genres in the UK and across the borders.


As a matter of fact, it is cited as the most influential music genre in the UK since the days of funk.

Grime was synonymous with depicting the frustrations young people who grew up in the grey council estates in London’s East End area faced, and still is to some degree.

One aspect of the culture that is synonymous with life in such neighborhoods is violence and criminal acts such as thuggery. This especially holds with Underground Grime which has a higher tempo than mainstream Grime.

With artistes vowing to stay as true to the depiction of such life, they don’t shy away from incorporating those aspects in their music lyrics and videos, particularly violence.

This has culminated in brawls and constant beefs as many grime artistes try to prove their toughness by talking about murder and having sleek guns in their music videos. Calling out other rappers as they battle rap became a common sight.

The lyrics and videos culminates on the real streets with guns and violence in endless showing.

The police moved in to ban grime nights in clubs believing that it was the instigator that led to bar brawls and violence.

Around the time of 2005, Grime artiste, Crazy Titch was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of killing rival producer Richard Holmes due to offensive lyrics against his brother in a song produced by Holmes.

Another example is one of the acclaimed Grime founding fathers, Wiley who had been stabbed 21 times throughout his lifetime including a nasty slash that left a scar on his face.

Of course not every example of violence can be directly attributed to Grime music, but violence has always had a distant attachment to grime. This proved to be counter-productive to the success of Grime as clubs could no longer play the genre, police always breathing on the genre’s neck and the market preferring other less violent genres such as house.

There has been criticism from Government officials and critiques who stated the music was of a ‘sexual and violent nature’.

Some producers have put the call to spread more positive messages through the genre. Coming from ignored hoods such as grey council estates however, most resign to the fact that the artistes will do as they wish…

The Changing Culture Of Grime


As a week of celebration for Grime lauds in, it would be amiss, more to the extent of defective if we did not spend a considerable amount of time looking into grime culture.

Grime has nowadays blown up and is appreciated in many parts of the world as its style and flair has won many hearts, notwithstanding cultural backgrounds.

True to that, music is universal and should transcend obvious hitches such as culture and geographical points. Much of this acclaim is owed to the hard work and talent of artistes such as Skepta, Stormzy, Wiley, Kano, Dizzee Rascal and others.

This is a huge milestone for the Grime World, but as with everything there is a huge risk of grime losing its core and meaning. If not careful, this might cause a divide in the genre; those interested in the commercial side more and those opting to stick to the original true hardcore shell that gave birth to the genre.

Grime was a form of music that came up to mainly share the culture of the working class. Coming out of London East End in the 2000’s where youngsters would make the hits out of their bedroom apartments and play the music on pirate radio stations after their music was rejected by licensed stations.


Going through a selection of grime music videos, you will stumble upon a flagrant pattern of avoiding the
flashy (contrary to most of the music world) as grime is all about the underground rebellious nature. It’s all about the hardworking nature of the culture, the frustrations shared throughout and its distinct nature.

Today however with a substantial amount of commercial and worldwide success, the music genre is forced to adapt to accommodate a wider market.

Music videos might have to adopt a more luxurious look and the sound might go through changes akin to the trap music genre so as to fit the new wave of popularity, attention and demand.

It is a given that music has to eventually evolve, failure to which will render it defunct, and grime music looks to have arrived at that stage.

However this celebration week, I opt to go deeper than the mileages the genre has covered, to appreciate the meaning of the genre as a tool which was created to unite and be used as a voice for an ignored people in a large city.