OKHI Celebrates 100,000 Deliveries To People’s Doorsteps With It’s ‘Location-Based’ Solution

OkHi, a Nairobi-based tech startup, has launched a new consumer mobile app to allow people to easily own, customize and share their location with the people and businesses they trust.
This will enable 100,000 deliveries in Nairobi in food delivery, ecommerce providers, and even ambulance services to bring critical services to people’s doorstep eliminating the constant ‘uko wapi’ constraint. 
“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included iny the new digital economy. OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customize their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’ challenge” explained Co-Founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.
OkHi The free-to-access app for consumers enables them to save multiple locations including home and work, and to share directions to these locations in a hassle free manner.  All this is done with the highest attention to the privacy and security of data – app users are able to control who gets access to their locations at the tip of their fingers without worry. Key functionalities also include the ability to order an Uber directly from the app as well as access a host of services such as food delivery and more. 
Co-Founder Timbo Drayson  further highlights, “After research and testing, we learned that normal directions continue to be one of the largest constraints. The battle of identifying a location by speedbumps and trees is still commonplace. Access to services hinges on accurate location identification, so we’re now giving users a better way to own their location and control who accesses it.” 
The versatility of the model means that it is not just limited for use to consumers. For instance small business owners, retailers and large corporates can use OkHi to give directions for meetings or to serve as a tool to draw in new customers.

Incredible Pictures (and Video) Of The Shape Shifting Building!

All across the world, architecture is constantly evolving to become more and more innovative and seemingly mind blowing.

abu dabi dubai insane-building-22 Insane Building insane-building-19

That ever rising bar is constantly setting higher and higher limits as demonstrated by this Shanghai building, dubbed by multiple sites as a ‘kinetic’ building.


bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_18 bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_15 bund-finance-centre-norman-foster-heatherwick-laurian-ghinitoiu-shanghai-photography_dezeen_1704_col_10

The just completed work of art created by Foster + Partner and Heatherwick Studio is said to be a finance center that will also house restaurants and a cultural hub and is most notable for its curtain-like facade of bronze tubes that get this, move!

Check it out!


Vacation Kenya Launch Car Hire App “Dingah”

Vacation Kenya yesterday night unveiled their new revolutionary application called “Dingah” at Laiboni Centre, Hurlingham.

Dingah, is a first of its kind in the country and soon to spread to other continents.

It is an application that connects car hire providers and drivers cum chauffeurs to potential customers.

What makes it different from other car hire applications is that its not only limited to personal cars as with Uber, Mondo and the likes, but also heavy machinery for construction, tractors, helicopters and other service providers within the transport sector such as Cube movers.

The Dingah application is designed in such a way that a client can request a quote from a transport provider who will respond by giving his quote and if both sides agree the service is requested in the system after the user selects the pick up and destination of his produce.

It also offers the driver in a minute service that operates under a GPS platform, charging 40 Ksh per kilometer; all chauffeurs have ID cards that you can scan through the app for security purposes.

Vacation Kenya says that its main aim is not only to create more jobs for Kenyans but also ensure that car hire and chauffeur services are part of any holiday destination.

The App is currently available only on Google play store.