The Grammy Award Winning Artists Who Are About To Perform In The 254

Icons in their own right, reggae sensation Morgan Heritage are the Grammy Award winning artists who are about to perform in the 254.

Having already been in the country and collaborated with a few artists from Kenya and within East Africa, Morgan Heritage are about to perform to what is expected to be their largest East African crowd this June 8th at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Festival which is dubbed ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders Today’ was launched on the 17th of this month (May) at the Carnivore Grounds and is a global initiative to raise funds for youth leadership programs across Africa and Jamaica.

Hence the name ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders Today’.

Speaking on the importance of the festival, the ‘Raids Roots Dance’ singers said,

“We are doing this festival because we have identified the need of a conscious effort to be pushed forward to educate, empower, and creates opportunities that put put the youth on a path towards success.” -Morgan Heritage.

The concert will also see some incredible acts perform, including Diamond Platnumz, Yemi Alade, Naiboi, Alaine, Femi One, Chameleone, Stonebwoy, Wyre, Jemere Morgan and Jua Cali.


Some of the benefactors behind this festival include, Save The Children, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNODC, OXFAM International, Shofco and Joy Divine.


He Did NOT Come To Play! Official Teaser to King Slayer’s First Solo Hit

It was one cold winter, after Khaleesi’s dragons had reigned havoc on Kings Landing (still getting over that episode), that our very own King Slayer decided to release a banger.

Making what is currently the biggest music comeback of all time, King Slayer has just announced that his first solo hit is set to drop this Friday the 17th of May and we have the official teaser!

Borrowing a leaf from Steph Kapela’s ‘Exposure’ music video’, the video to King Slayer’s new jam is shot at the Homeboyz Radio studios and (as you’ll see), stars some of your favourite Homeboyz Radio show hosts.

Who can you spot?


Are you ready for King Slayer’s Epic return? The countdown continues!

Biggest Comeback of 2019!!

Sit down Soulja Boy cause Tyga isn’t your real competition.

Your real competition is actually about to release a comeback this Friday.

In what will be the biggest music comeback of all time, King Slayer has a new jam which is his first big solo project and which is due for official release this Friday the 17th of May.

Now if him timing his release appropriately with the season finale to Game of Thrones should be an indication of anything, it is that this jam is sure to be a Game Changer!

King Slayer busted onto the scene a year ago when he bodied the industries biggest names including Khaligraph Jones, and a majority of the rappers from The Jump Off Freshman list.

This year, it seems that he is full speed ahead and just might be steam rolling over all the rap big wigs cause well, you know what they (and by ‘they’ I mean King Slayer) say, ‘Try as they will, there can only be one King!’

Are you ready for his comeback? The countdown is on!


Click THIS link to re-live King Slayers Epic rap battles

Vera Sidika’s Pregnancy Was NOT An April Fools Prank

Vera Sidika announced on instagram that she was pregnant, a day before April Fools and most people thought that it must have obviously been a prank.

The famous icon posted an ultrasound picture, captioning it with a long explanation of why she’d been posting old photos, why she’d quit snap chat and why she doesn’t go out anymore.

Vera Sidika’s post read;

Yesterday, I got a call from a media house informing me that they received an anonymous tip, that I was pregnant and asking me to confirm or deny. I refused to comment and they told me that they’ll publish the story in the coming week. I knew they would publish the rumours with or without my confirmation and realized that I can’t hide for too long. I honestly thought I possibly could but it’s hell. Your movements are limited and very difficult especially being a public figure. My doctor makes house calls cause walking into a hospital without being recognized would have been impossible 😩 keeping up with social media has become a myth because my growing tummy will be a topic 😩 so I had to stay off Snapchat, post old photos on IG, To avoid suspicions. I always wanted to have a baby before I hit 30. I’m turning 29 this September and this was the perfect timing. I’m very grateful and the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But kept it lowkey cause I wanted a stress free journey. Away from paparazzi and nosey people. But we can’t control the media. Somehow they always get to find out and beat us on our own game. So just before you read it from the blogs, this is me confirming, I am pregnant and just can’t wait to have my bundle of joy. I feel so blessed 🙏🤰 Cant wait for my gender reveal/announcement party 🎉😁
P.S; I’ll share videos of my journey so far. This coming week.

Vera Sidika made her debut on the Kenyan music scene as the vixen in P Unit and Collo’s ‘Dendai’ music video, later becoming a well known socialite but eventually building and exploring her entrepreneurial side and making a success off of it. 

Congratulations Vera! 

The Film That’s All The Rage At This Year’s Nairobi Film Festival

Each Nairobi Festival brings with it a wave of Kenyan productions that later become a must-watch. Since the barrier breaking ‘Nairobi Half Life’, we have had quite a few our 254 productions make it to international screening, with Nairobi Half Life being nominated for an Oscar in the international film category.

While the list of films at this year’s festival is quite long, we have definitely caught the ‘excited to watch’ bug for the movie ‘Supa Modo’.

Starring young actress Stycie Waweru, Supa Modo is an epic film that tells the tear-jerking story of a 9 year old girl and a village that makes one of her biggest dreams come true by working together.

Won’t be giving away too much but it might be a tear-jerker for the more emotional of us but what it definitely is, is a excellent representation of what a perfect society is.

Created by Likarion Wainaina whose film ‘Between the Lines’ became the first Kenyan film to be projected on an iMAX screen, ‘Supa Modo’ enjoyed a world wide debut at the Berlin International Film Festival this February and is now available for us to watch at the ongoing Nairobi Film Festival. 

The film is a product of Kenyan film making company One Fine Day films. 

Miss Kemunto Names And Confronts Her Rapists On Social Media

Easter may have been a great time for most people but for singer Miss Kemunto, it was not.

The singer best recognized for her work as a back up singer on hit TV show Coke Studio and for her collaboration with Steph Kapella on ‘Only One’, revealed on a series of social media posts, that she’s been raped, even going ahead to tag the perpetrators who happen to be Kenyan Rugby players.

While we are yet to verify the facts, the emotion filled posts received quite the feedback with artists like Phy, Le Band, Swiga and Emma Cheruto taking to Kemunto’s defense posting;


Kemunto explains in vivid detail, the occurrences of that unfortunate night before going ahead to tag the rugby players who from her messages have only responded by way of asking her to take down the story, which she put up on her instagram page as stories. 

Here are screenshots of those stories.


Kemunto kept sharing more of her story which gets even more emotional, ending with her revelation of both the perpetrators.




As she follows up her case, we’ll be keeping our prayers with her.

 Before this ordeal, Kemunto had been working to create more music and work on enlarging her brand as a musician.

Here’s footage of her session at HBR.

Miss Kemunto or Kemunto Music also featured on episodes of Jamhuri Festival.

Are We Ready For A Sauti Sol Tiwa Savage Collabo? (Teaser)

They closed off 2018 with their sensual Patoranking collabo ‘Melanin’ and it looks like they intend on opening the year with yet another collabo, this time with African femcee Tiwa Savage.

Teasing the upcoming Maleek Berry produced single ‘Girl Next Door’ via instagram, the singers poked fun at Bien Aime’s long standing infatuation with the ‘Eminado’ singer, posting;

On the down low i’ve been loving Eminado tangu enzi za maziwa ya Nyayo #GirlNextDoor #AfrikanSauce …Out next week, Wednesday at 10am (EAT)/ 8am (WAT). Set your reminders fam! Prod by @maleekberry

(Bien Aime and Tiwa Savage)

You can tell from the short teaser that this is a sweet love song and Tiwa Savage even flexes her Swahili singing the line…

‘Sina noma hii wikendi niko easy’

Check it out;

In It To Win It! Kenyan Singer Silayio Wows On The Voice (Videos)

For cover song addicts like myself, nothing beats watching music competitions because along with discovering amazing talent, those competitions are more often than not, home to some of the world’s best covers.

This weekend, thanks to emcee and radio show host DnG Kenya, some of us were introduced to the fact that Neema Ntalel, a Kenyan singer who goes by the name Silaiyo, is currently on the Holland edition of The Voice.

Neema (Swahili for God’s Grace) is a Kora Award winning singer and her prowess definitely shows in how she blasted into the competition singing Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within’, managing to get two of the judges to turn.


DNG’s post showed how close the two had been, writing that they’d even been neighbors growing up, and he was later joined by even more Kenyan celebrities among them publicist, journalist and blogger Anyiko who posted;

Remember Neema Ntalel? Well, that’s not really a question because she’s unforgettable! Wonder how I am just finding out that she’s been on @thevoiceofholland which BTW is the origin of the entire #TheVoice concept and franchise! She’s on her way to the Knockouts and I am praying so hard that she makes it through to the Live Rounds! “First Kenyan to win The Voice” – that’s the headline I want to see! But more so, want to see her win because she is so deserving of it! Congrats @silayio_silayio ❤️❤️❤️ I am a sucker for Voice and always loved Neema. Couldn’t be happier and prouder!

If you’ve watched The Voice before, then you know that after making it into the competition, by getting one or more judges to turn their seat(s) for you, you then go into the ‘battle rounds’, which is where you sing against another singer in the hopes that you’ll remain in the competition.

For her battle rounds, Silayio belted out (one of my favorite singles) ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa and she won!

Check it out;

Great right? Many Kenyan stars and fans have since shown their love for Silayio but perhaps none more than Jaya Awinja who appeared to have been cheering her on straight from the backstage booth.

Silayio is now awaiting the Knockout stage of the competition which, according to an instagram post of hers, is about a week away.

Julie Gichuru Shares Gorgeous New Pics On Her Birthday

Julie Gichuru has been media’s most watched and loved TV personality for the longest time and with how well articulated she is (and of course her un-matched good looks) it’s easy to see why.

Having hosted Citizen TV’s Sunday 9pm bulletin where hard hitting interviews and informative features were the order of the day, Julie Gichuru has enjoyed numerous success milestones that included hosting one of our first presidential debates and interviewing African leaders.

For most of us, it feels as though we’ve been watching her for the longest time which seems strange seeing as how she never seems to age.

With the dawn of this new year, it seems Julie Gichuru only just celebrated her birthday, announcing it on social media with a series of gorgeous photos, revealing that believe it or not, she is turning 44.

Hard to believe judging from these photos but yes, this media mogul, mother and wife clearly has great genes (or a must-share beauty regiment) because just look at these!


DK Kwenye Beat Releases New Jam And Responds To Body Shamers

DK Kwenye Beat first came onto the public stage when his Saint P produced single ‘Sari Sari’ hit airwaves and reigned supreme on most gospel music charts.

Since then this emcee has frequented entertainment news sites, most recently and sadly thanks to fat shaming haters.

DK Kwenye Beat may have gained weight and while he’s comfortable with this, you bet KOT had a lot to say about that.

The comments kept flooding his timeline but DK seemed to take it all in stride, even re-posting some of the hateful posts on his own social media.

They included;


Preceding the release of his single ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’, DK Kwenye Beat appeared to respond to the body shaming comments via an IG post that implied that the comments HAD in fact been affecting him, so mush so, that he’d almost quit social media.

His post read;

The tongue has no bone, but it is strong enough to break a heart. 😔. Social media is a hostile path to walk on, especially when you are not PERFECTLY created or have a body like mine. I won’t quit social media as I had intended, I will instead share my story to inspire another. #comingsoon

Well the wait is over as DK Kwenye Beat released that video this weekend, receiving quite the reception with a twitter top trend and a Tukuza Countdown debut at number 7!

Here’s his new single.