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  • Blankets And Wine Goes Down In Style

Event lovers were treated to a memorable experience last weekend as Blankets & Wine celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary.
The line up lived up to expectation especially Muthoni Drummer Queen’s performance.
Atemi and Chris Adwar were the first to take the stage followed by the trio Elani who had us singing along to some of their great hits. Nyashinski had me weak on the knees and I know I speak for most of the ladies present at the event as well, he serenade us and immediately got us jamming along to his come back hits but the crowd went wild immediately he brought out his Kpleptomaniax crew from way bak, oh the memories. Feng made a couple of appearance on stage during Nyashinski and MDQ’s performance.
Nyashinski announced Cedo’s upcoming project and performed alongside Hart The Band’s Mordecai, the soon to be released jam by the trio called Bahari.
We were treated to another exclusive one when Blinky took the stage and performed for the first time on Kenyan soil his new album “Everyone’s Just Winging it and other fly tales” he too brought back his gang Just a band on stage.
Saudi sol were the last to perform and it was truly worth the midnight wait.
The fashion as always was breathtaking so why don’t we feast our eyes on a couple of my favorite looks from the event.
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