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  • Avoid THESE Mistakes When Writing Out Your New Year’s Resolutions

The dawn of a new year often brings with it a need to start a new. To flip over the page and step into a whole new and unwritten chapter.

For most of us, this is a time to think about and write out our new year’s resolutions but are we making the right ones?

Here are 10 mistakes we’ve found that most of us make while drafting out that all-important list.

10. Setting Unclear Goals.

Clear goals will normally hold us accountable for the progress we make while trying to achieve the goals and work as an incentive to work harder in achieving them. For instance, when trying to lose weight, it’s best to quote down an ideal weight that you’d like to get to. Saying you’d like to ‘lose wight’ is a good goal but an unclear one. While saying you’d like to weight xKgs by a certain time is a much better way of formulating a goal.

9.Setting Unrealistic Goals

While unclear goals are bad, unrealistic ones are worse! Setting goals that are realistic calls for one to know themselves and to be true to what they know about themselves. This makes the goals more achievable and the fact that they are more achievable gives you more of an incentive to undertake the work it takes to achieve them.

8. Being Inconsistent.

If we’re to be honest, not everyday of the year will be ‘good’ day for you. There will be days when you feel tired or unmotivated but that should never be an excuse to not put in (however little) an effort towards achieving your goals. For this purpose, we must have goals that are big and beautiful enough to fuel your need to overcome inconsistency.

7. Being Impatient.

There’s an ageless saying that goes ‘great things take time’. The results your looking to get may not be visible within the first few days, weeks or even months but with consistency and commitment, those results will be realized. Feelings of impatience only fuel thoughts of giving up which as all know, is never the answer when it comes to reaching for your goals.

6. Not Tracking Results.

Working towards achieving your goals can seem like an endless journey if you don’t stop to track your results. Tracking results is made easy by us having ‘clear goals’ and helps in evaluating whether or not the means we are using to try to achieve our goals are working. Should you find that your means are in fact working, this can be a morale booster and even if you find that they aren’t it can be a good time to consult with people and re-work your strategy.

5. Skipping deadlines.

Goals are meant to be SMART with the ‘T’ standing for ‘time-bound’. It is very important to set and meet any deadlines that we create for ourselves. These deadlines may be as simple as what time to wake up every morning to when to have completed certain tasks.Skipping deadlines creates a bad habit and the more you do it, the less guilt you feel which as you can imagine, increases your propensity to do it.

4. Not asking for help.

You’ve probably heard it said before that ‘if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together’. Whoever said that must have known the value in asking for the help you many need along the way. For instance, losing weight may be on your goal list and you may have originally intended to try a couple of home workouts. If along the way you find it increasingly difficult to achieve the results you need, you can decide to enlist the help of a home trainer. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

3. Setting goals that may not be all that meaningful.

As I personally discovered from the many years that I’ve set out to create an accomplish my new year’s resolutions, the goals we set have got to be meaningful. This means that they have to be the kind of goals that make you a better person and give you a better life. We should work on being wholesome individuals as opposed to just ‘richer’ or ‘getting a better body’. For instance, instead of writing down ‘get a job’, you could write, ‘apply myself to an organization that both utilizes and adds to my skill-set’. That way you work actively to find a job that you’ll not only be passionate about, but one where you’ll actually grow.

2.Not Rewarding Yourself.

As you approach the realization of some of your goals, it’s important to appreciate some of the milestones you make as an individual. One way to do this is to set targets and accompany them with small rewards for having achieved them. For instance, you can buy yourself a new shoe/bag/watch every time you supersede your savings target. People who work-out will occasionally treat themselves to a manage bale portion of their favorite meal at least once a week. etc Rewards are appealing and provide great incentive when reaching towards your goals.

1.Hanging out with the wrong crowd.

They say that ‘if you want to fly with eagles, don’t swim with the ducks’. Be careful to surround yourself with people who help you become better versions of yourselves and avoid people who do not share your enthusiasm for certain goals.


With that said, happy 2018 and may your goal setting and achieving endeavors be fruitful!

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