Supreme Court Nullifies 2017 Presidential Elections

The Supreme Court has nullified the presidential election after ruling that the electoral commission did not conduct the poll according to the law hence affecting the integrity of the entire presidential poll.

In their ruling, the court determined that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission failed, neglected and refused to conduct the election in the manner dictated in the Constitution.

The Supreme Court also determined that there were irregularities in the transmission of election results.

However, Justices Jackton Ojwang and Njoki Ndung’u dissented with the ruling.

The ruling means that the IEBC has to organize a fresh election within 60 days, that is by November 1st.

The court, however, found no misconduct on the part of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On August 11 the electoral body declared Kenyatta’s victory with 54.27 percent of the votes, against 44.74 percent for Odinga.

Barclays Bank’s Two Rivers Mall Branch To Operate 24-Hours

Barclays Bank of Kenya opened a new state of the art branch at the newly opened Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi.

The new branch will offer an array of services including a 24-hour zone for customer deposit, withdrawals and transfers.

Barclays Bank of Kenya Managing Director Jeremy Awori expressed gratitude from the customer partnership that the institution enjoyed and further reiterated the bank’s commitment to the growth of corporate, SME and retail customers by offering solutions that meet their expectations.  

‘We are extremely excited open our doors to this ultra-modern branch where customers will access our full range of products and enjoy quality service.’ He said.



Kenyan Mobile FinTech innovator signs a $1.1 Million USD

Alternative Circle, a Kenyan Mobile FinTech innovator signed an agreement with the international credit risk management company – Creditinfo Group, to the tune of $1.1 Million USD.

The seed capital will see Alternative Circle gain a wider geographical footprint, which will in turn open doors for greater opportunities for the mobile solutions innovator.

For Credit info Group the strategic investment will enable to create data that was unavailable in the market before and thus better serve the lenders in facilitating access to finance, especially in the emerging markets.

“Partnering with Creditinfo Group will not only redefine the way risk is evaluated in Kenya and the world but it will also bring on to the credit-ecosystem several SMEs that can now achieve their potential”, said Kevin Mutiso the CEO of Alternative Circle.


A total of 2 million bank customers have signed up for the newest money transfer service, PesaLink owned by the bankers’ umbrella body.

The milestone has been achieved barely two months after the initiation of the service by local Financial Technologies (FinTech) solutions delivery firm Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL) a company that is wholly owned by the Kenya Bankers Association.

A total of 22 Banks approved by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to provide the inter-bank money transfer service, are now processing huge daily transactions.

PesaLink is a money transfer solution that can be accessed on at least five bank channels.

The service affords bank customers registered on the platform to make real time inter-bank payments, around the clock, without having to go through any intermediaries on any of the five bank channels including; Mobile devices, Internet, Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Bank Branches or Commercial Bank Agency outlets.

IPSL Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Theuri said that the banks on the platform have also managed to achieve straight through processing of Pesalink transactions. Most banks on the IPSL platform, she said, have managed to consistently record  impressive average turnaround rate for transactions on the platform.

The PesaLink platform allows the registered users to transact as low as Sh10 to as much as Sh999,999 across the banking system at a low cost comparatively.

Health Care At The Touch Of A Button

A technology based revolutionary e-health solution launched into the Kenyan market MY dawa makes it possible for consumers to purchase high quality healthcare, fitness and wellness products on their mobile phones. 

The platform, a first of its kind globally to provide an end to end solution with personalized authentication, offers customers the confidence of purchasing quality medicine in a reliable, convenient and secure way by enabling them to purchase authentic products.

Health Cabinet Secretary, Cleopa Mailu says the ministry of health supports the innovation saying that it will provide affordable access to pharmaceutical products especially for patients with chronic illnesses and who require long term medication.

MYDAWA is a Kenyan led solution to a global challenge. The service has the backing of Ion, an Irish private equity firm that has committed an initial Sh500 million ($ 5 million) to the business.

ICT Principal Secretary Victor Kyalo commends the MYDAWA team for the innovation saying that it will bolster the adoption of e-health solutions in Kenya.

The service will initially be available in Nairobi but will expand through the rest of the country later in the year. To enjoy the service consumers can register for free on the website or download the app.



Shikilia Nganya Na Pilsner Tena Launched

In a move to appreciate and reward its loyal consumers, Kenya Breweries beer brand, Pilsner, has for the second year launched yet another exciting national consumer promotion dubbed “Shikilia Nganya Na Pilsner Tena”. The promotion builds on the remarkable success of last year’s promotion, which saw David Nazareth win the grand prize of a 29 seater Isuzu Nagoya valued at KES4.5 million. This year’s promotion will further focus on rewarding loyal consumers by offering them exciting prizes and rewards whilst the campaign reflects a movement being created by a new generation of Kenyans who are fueling a progressive new spirit of enterprise. At the same time, KBL has extended the promotion to its newest brand in Pilsner family – Pilsner 7. The Pilsner 7 is the beer for the young, vibrant and bold generation, who are looking for a high quality, yet affordable beer brand. Pilsner Marketing Manager Samuel Wasswa said that this year’s promotion has been scaled up with the introduction of 10 motorbikes to be won every week over a ten-week period. In addition, consumers will stand a chance to win numerous exclusive merchandise such as home theaters and smartphones among other prizes, with the grand prize being a fully fitted Isuzu 29 public services vehicle (PSV) seater mini-bus commonly known as “Nganya”. The winners of both motorbikes and the grand prize – PSV 29 seater mini-bus will also receive insurance cover for both motor vehicles and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) license for the Matatu.

The Dandora We Never Hear Of

In the busy city that is Nairobi lies an even a busier estate that is Dandora.

Famously known for the dumpsite and what many would want to refer to as an estate full of insecurity, Dandora is a suburb that Kenya’s capital Nairobi depends on for many things.

In 1977 exactly 14 years after independence, Dandora was established with partial financing from the World Bank in order to offer a higher standard of housing. Dandora has over the years found much more importance and has housed the Dandora Oxygenation Ponds that not only makes the city habitable but continues to prove that beyond the continued narrative, Dandora is where the heart of Nairobi is.

The  Dandora Oxygenation Ponds treats the industrial and domestic sewage from the City of Nairobi, Kenya and is the largest pond system in Africa. The ponds have the capacity to treat a dry weather flow of 80,000m3/d but currently treat only half this flow.

Increased sewage strengths over and above the design value mean that although the hydraulic load is halved the organic surface load on the primary facultative ponds is only 37% below the design loading of 190kg BOD5/ha/d.

The ponds which are a prominent feature on satellite imagery give Nairobi the tag of the green city under the sun.


The treatment plant aside, Dandora hosts the Dandora Dumping site an area that was declared full over a decade ago but question to ask ourselves is how did we get here? What didn’t we do right and what can we do to make things right?

The story that has been peddled around Dandora has been that of pain, death and everything negative however in this peace, I want to bring you to glaring facts that many ignore and choose not to talk about.

Dandora dumping site is unique reason being people live in and around it. Many depend on it for their daily livelihoods and although the management of the site we agree wasn’t done well, Dandora is home to many among them the youth who have decided to change the face of Dandora and show the world that it is always not gloomy in Dandora.


In 2016, I interviewed June Syowia, Charles Gachanga and Robinson Esialimba from the Dandora transformation league. This group of young people from Dandora came with an initiative of making Dandora clean, habitable, safe and a means towards sustainability and fighting crime.

Charles Gachanga who is the CEO of the Dandora transformation league tells me that , for a very long time, Dandora has been called a Slum a name tag that has created a negative picture in the minds of many. He says having grown up in Dandora, he took it upon himself to change the face of Dandora and give it a face that is enviable to the rest of the world.

He confines to me that the youth in Dandora were being killed by the police due to involvement in criminal activities partly because there were no jobs and also because Dandora had been given a bad name by those that didn’t understand the dynamics plaid a part in making Dandora what it is.


Having walked in Dandora for years, Gachaja realized that there were no proper roads in Dandoa Estate hence the reason why emergencies like fire was hard to tackle to unavailability of roads. He adds that houses in Dandora were constructed without space for recreation and as a result, the idea of a court yard system he saw would be an idea that would not only create a habitable environment but one that would change the face of Dandora.

Together with a group of fellow minded individuals, Dandora Transformatio League (DTL)was formed. A jembe here, a panga there, slasher here, paint brush there, cement and some wheelbarrows, DTL started transforming Dandora a court at a time.


The project in a few years grew from a single group to over 120 groups that came together to work on improving the face of Dandora, Removing the youth from idling to giving them something to do and also make where they stay a little heaven for them and their families.

Over the years, DTL has improved the face of Dandora to a point that crime cases have reduced, the youth have jobs and above that where the call home is something many including the wealthy wish to have.


With proper funding and great support from well wishers and Dandora will seize being the NO GO ZONE to being a place to be admired thanks to the efforts of groups like DTL.

June Syowia is an important aspect of DTL because she tells me that aside from being part of DTL, she is focused on spreading the gospel that women can be elements of change in their society and that regardless of how tough your background maybe you can still make it as a woman. She makes her hands dirty in changing Dandora’s look but also, she is the voice that speaks to the ladies and women of Dandora to stay in school and become something in the future.

Robinson Esialimba is special, he is the guy who walks in the streets, offices and corporate looking for support because changing Dandora he says is a concerted effort, one that needs everyone to jump on board and help Dandora be the “IT” estate.

A Recap Of The Chrome Mega Bash

It was an action packed weekend in Nakuru at Chrome Mega Bash after electrifying performance by Kenya’s top and celebrated artistes.

Songbird Sanaipei Tande was the first to wow the revelers after performing several hits song including ‘Leta Wimbo’ a song that opened her doors into the music scene. Sana as popularly known couldn’t have done it better than to arouse the charged revelers with her steamy single ‘Mfalme Wa Mapenzi’, when she danced with a well-toned dancer – Raphael – amid cheers from the revelers. The unstoppable Sana couldn’t retire from the stage until she performed her new single ‘Amini’, to a point where she broke down.

_MG_0395Genge legend Juacali smashed Sanaipei’s performance at the concert with his signature intro – watuuu, before performing. Female revelers went gaga as they sang along to Juacali longest hit ‘Ngeli ni ya genge’. Juacali who had cladded in white hood couldn’t hide his excited as he delivered three more songs from his album.


It was Kevin Ombima aka King Kaka who stole the show from the headline act Sauti Sol after opening his performance with hit collabo song ‘Baadaye’.


The climax of the concert was the electrifying performance by Sauti Sol. The trio – Bien, Chimano and Savara entertained the revelers for an hour. Kuliko Jana hit moved the revelers to tear while Shake yo Bam Bam, which are all in Live and Die in Afrika gave female revelers lifetime opportunity to dance with both Bien and Chimano. Savara performed while seated due to a leg surgery, he underwent in the beginning on the year.


The concert held on Saturday, 4th March 2017 at Grill Park Lounge Nakuru also featured celebrity DJs’ – DJ Protégé and DJ Creepa alongside MC Antonio and Obinna.

Huawei GR5 2017

You can now get a hold of the new Huawei GR5 2017.

Huawei Mobile Kenya has launched its advanced dual camera device Huawei GR5 2017 in the market, as it strives to enhance its business footprint in the local market this year. 

The company will be looking to build on the growth realized last year which saw its market share increase to 14%.  

In 2017 Huawei Mobile Kenya intends to leverage its performance and grow local sales by 50% by bringing more innovative products to the market.

GR5 2017’s dual camera Smartphone boasts of a 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Long battery life with capacity of 3270 MAh, Finger print 3.0 and 5”.5 FHD display. 

Huawei Mobile Kenya Country Manager, Mark Hemaobin said despite stiff competition, the company’s device business continues to grow in the local market attributing the growth on the firm’s consumer-centric approach that focuses on creating meaningful innovation, as well as ongoing commitment to building a premium brand and reinforcing retail channels and after sale service capabilities.

The Mix And Beats Cocktail Festival

For the next 12 weeks, you can treat yourself and loved ones to the best cocktails Nairobi restaurants have to offer thanks to the Mix and Beats Cocktails Festival.

The festival is focused on reaching Nairobi dwellers with the sole purpose of giving them an experience of quality cocktails made from East African Breweries Limited’ brands as sponsors.

Coming at the back drop of the master bar tender competition that saw the winner get an opportunity to participate in a global competition in the US, the festival promises to bring nothing but an experience to be remembered.

This year the winner of the competition will be flown to Mexico City where they’ll represent the 254.

The festival in ongoing in 55 participating outlets across Nairobi.  Just walk in and ask for the Mix And Beats Cocktail Festival for an opportunity to enjoy what is on the menu.