What is this new phenomenon that is IG TV?

In the nearly-eight years since Instagram launched in October 2010, the app has made a name for itself as the go-to platform for short-form content. Got a great photo (or small set of photos) that the world just has to see? Share it to your feed. How about a slightly less impressive photo or short video clip? Post it to your Instagram Story. The latest news from Instagram, however, indicates a shift toward longer-form content on the platform.   


So, what is IGTV on Instagram? It’s the new big thing from the ‘Gram, so obviously, everyone is about to freak out over it… and you need to be in the know.

According to a press release from the Instagram Team “IGTV is a brand new experience inside the main Instagram app, and it’s also its own dedicated standalone app” So now we know that all your favorite “vloggers” will hop onto this quick and fast, only a matter of time until we see which one will be bigger IGTV or YouTube Have you tried it out yet? Hit us up and let us know how you feel about it.

Beyoncé & Jay Z Show Off Twins At The First “OTR II Tour” Show


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On the Run II tour just started and the internet is in a frenzy! 

The couple is currently kicked off their stadium tour in Cardiff and fans at the show were posting pics and videos from the epic music event on social media. One major moment that had social media buzzing was when the couple appeared to show off their twins Rumi Carter and Sir Carter in a photo. 


Social media users have posted images of the couple holding babies, alongside a series of messages. One message reads “love never changes” while another reads “love is universal.”


But it sounds like the twins weren’t featured in this part of the show. The couple’s rep told media outlets that  “it’s not” Bey and Jay’s twins in the photo.

Which poses the question are those the Carter Twins or Bey and Jay trying to break the internet again? They sure look like Jay-Z though…


G Money Schools People Once Again

Now if you’ve heard this week’s ROTW London Town – Mr Eazi Featuring Giggs [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j68223GPWCM[/embedyt]  you definitely know what I’m talking about, earlier on today G Money (Host of GMITM) took it upon himself to educate the masses on a line that Mr Eazi dropped and left many confused but Uncle G said “worry not brethren, i will bestow unto you the knowledge that was bestowed unto me” 


The line in context “Man try take Eazi for chihuahua” is generally meant to mean that Mr Eazi is a big deal in this music industry but some people take him for a small deal like a chihuahua (a small dog) of which he is not.

He later took to twitter to say this…


Did you know it had a deeper meaning other than just rhymes to a song? or were you schooled today morning? Hit me up, lets get talking