Blankets And Wine Goes Down In Style

Event lovers were treated to a memorable experience last weekend as Blankets & Wine celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary.
The line up lived up to expectation especially Muthoni Drummer Queen’s performance.
Atemi and Chris Adwar were the first to take the stage followed by the trio Elani who had us singing along to some of their great hits. Nyashinski had me weak on the knees and I know I speak for most of the ladies present at the event as well, he serenade us and immediately got us jamming along to his come back hits but the crowd went wild immediately he brought out his Kpleptomaniax crew from way bak, oh the memories. Feng made a couple of appearance on stage during Nyashinski and MDQ’s performance.
Nyashinski announced Cedo’s upcoming project and performed alongside Hart The Band’s Mordecai, the soon to be released jam by the trio called Bahari.
We were treated to another exclusive one when Blinky took the stage and performed for the first time on Kenyan soil his new album “Everyone’s Just Winging it and other fly tales” he too brought back his gang Just a band on stage.
Saudi sol were the last to perform and it was truly worth the midnight wait.
The fashion as always was breathtaking so why don’t we feast our eyes on a couple of my favorite looks from the event.

Spanish Fashion Brand Mango Gives Guests Exclusive Experience.

Mango was literally served at last night’s launch flag-shipping the Spanish brand at Westgate Mall.

As much as I enjoyed every glass, what I couldn’t get enough of was the taste in fashion each guest at the event had. One by one they each walked in heading straight to the aisles to check out whether the new brand had anything suitable for them; style wise and tag wise.

You could tell by the reaction on most faces that they were pleased by what they saw and as expected they left with Mango shopping bags in hand.

I for one started saving yesterday for a pair of black sock boots that stole my heart.

The few invited guests were not only served Mango cocktails and wine but also art and given an exclusive opportunity to be among the first shoppers before it’s official opening tomorrow.

As it opens it’s doors to the public tomorrow, Mango will reward its first 50 shoppers with a bonus voucher equivalent to their entire purchase, which can be redeemed for future shopping for themselves, or a friend.

store carries the Mango Woman, Man and Kids lines. Pieces are changed every 2-3 weeks, with limited availability of each garment, allowing customers to define their own personal style.

It is also the biggest Mango store in Sub Saharan Africa.
























International Fashion Brand MANGO Set To Launch In Kenya  

Yet another good look for the fashion scene in Kenya as Mango, the Spanish fashion house, continues its expansion with the opening of a flagship store in Nairobi for Women, Men and Kids

The fashion mega-store at Westgate Mall, Nairobi, will officially be opened to the public on 27thOctober 2018.

The Kenyan mega-store is stocked with fashion-forward looks that mesh the brand’s European design aesthetic with Nairobi’s urban vitality.  The brand dresses young, urban customers in high-quality clothes that follow the latest global trends, at an affordable price.  The Westgate flagship store carries the Mango Woman, Man and Kids lines.  Pieces are changed every 2-3 weeks, with limited availability of each garment, allowing customers to define their own personal style.

“Kenyan customers tell us they are starved of fashion choices at affordable prices.  Existing options are either low-cost and basic, or extremely expensive and out of reach for most Kenyans.  Mango offers customers the latest trends at accessible prices, with new looks on the shelves every few weeks.”Said CJ Bak, Director of Spanish Fashion, the local franchisee of Mango,

The Westgate store has a selling space of 620 m2, making it the largest store in Sub-Saharan Africa. It showcases the new Mango interior design concept, which emphasizes larger, dynamic spaces, significantly differentiating the customer experience.The use of materials such as marble, concrete, wood and natural stone gives the store its own personality. The Kenyan retail team has been trained at the Mango stores in Barcelona and are well-versed with the new, global collections.

For the opening on Saturday 27thOctober 2018 at 10am, Mango will reward its first 50 shoppers with a bonus voucher equivalent to their entire purchase, which can be redeemed for future shopping for themselves, or a friend. In addition, a host of local Kenyan stylists and well-known personalities will be on hand to offer up their personal styling tips and looks. Mango looks forward to hosting shoppers to a day filled with live DJ music and great style.

The brand is now present in 15 African countries, and 113 worldwide.

Mango’s Hanger Design Centre in Barcelona is the largest design studio in Europe, with more than 600 creative professionals that produce at least 20,000 fashion styles annually.


All Eyes On Fashion Influencer Kaninte.

If you are a fashion lover and you still don’t know Brenda Kwamboka a.k.a Just Kaninte, I gatchu. She is a fashion influencer doing the most in the country and here’s what you need to know about her.









-What inspired the name Just Kaninte?

My brand name was borne out of my name Kaninte.  I then added the just prefix which is a no brainer really  because I wanted to show that the blog will be all things me.

And  because I want/ed a brand name that represents me regardless of the path I decide to take in life be it blogging, design or even medical it made sense to have a very neutral and unique name. And in as much as I commonly go by Brenda kwamboka it wasn’t catchy or as unique as I’d want it to be.









▪️Have you always been into fashion?

For as  long as I can remember, yes. I always remember being very particular about what I want to wear and I’m glad my mum always allowed me to pick out my outfits.

▪️Is blogging a part time thing you do?

Yes, blogging is a part time hustle. 8-5  I’m a doctor (Pharmacist to be specific).

▪️What do you think about the street style in Kenya? 

Street style in Kenya is pretty dope. Attend events like Thrift Social and you’ll see it. I like the fact that a lot of young people are embracing it and being very expressive in their dressing.









▪️Is blogging taken seriously in our country and is it something that one can currently make a living  of?

To answer both questions: Yes and No.

Are there hopes of the industry getting better, definitely.

Like other art creatives, bloggers are sometimes not  taken seriously. People still have the “art is a thing people pursue for fun” mentality.  A couple of times I’ve been approached by local brands that want me to work for them for free or give me freebies in exchange for my services.  Forgetting that like everyone else, bloggers also have bills to pay.

I wish more people understood the amount of work that goes into putting up a blog post, then maybe they will compensate accordingly.

In the recent past however, a lot of brands are warming up to the idea of having bloggers as a marketing medium, and actually allocating a budget for the same.

▪️What fashion trend are you currently obsessed with?









I am not a jump-on-the-trend-wagon kind of a girl. But I do own a couple of pieces that I got solely coz I love them and not because they are trendy.

I only own one fanny pack and although I have only carried it once I think I am slowly falling in love with it. I recently attended the Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja and I realized a fanny pack is the most realistic bag there is, especially for such events. And the fact that it comes in so many different designs is a plus.

Let’s just say I am getting myself a couple of those soon.

▪️Which are your top five favorite trends so far this year?

Fanny packs


PVC errthang!

Checkered, tartan and plaid prints

Bold floral prints


***Am I allowed to say one that I hate? 😂 Gingham!….🙅 OMFG Passionately loathe it.  Funny though because I love checkered, plaid and tartan patterns. 🤷

▪️Which trends do you have so far?

The off shoulder trend which is a great way to add dimension to your outfit without trying too hard..

Fur Daaaaaaarling! Well faux fur to be precise 😂. But you get it.

Checkered, I have a blazer and pair of pants

Thigh high boots










▪️Sneakers or heels?

Both 😕!

For functionality sneakers but I also like to dress up and look sassy so heels

▪️Which fashion item in your closet do you wear the most?

I live in my black leggings. Dressed up or dressed down.

▪️What do you consider when searching for a stylist for your blog posts?

Theme comes first. Am I doing a street style themed shoot, is it a high-fashion editorial shoot etc…  Then I get a stylist who can bring my mood board to life.

▪️Who do you look up to in terms of fashion?

Rihanna. I am obsessed with her style.

▪️Shout out your top 5 Kenyan fashion bloggers.

This is a tough one. Kenya has so many stylish and fashionable people, some of them are not even fashion bloggers. I digress 😬!

▪️Is there any influential person you’ve always wanted to meet?

That would be Oprah.

▪️What would be the first thing you would ask him/her?

Guuuurl, how do you do that shit?!









▪️One fashion rule you always walk by?

Make friends with a good tailor.

Bonus: Create your own look book.

▪️ What’s your advise to those trying to make it in the fashion blogging business?

Identify your niche and get to understand what they love and give them that. As Bonang Matheba would say, Give The People What They Want.

Also network every so often, you never know how significant someone you meet is gonna be in your journey.

Nyama Mama Unveils Second Full-Service Outlet

Nyama Mama restaurant has proudly launched its second signature outlet. Located at the Capital Centre, Mombasa
Road, the establishment will become a focal point of the area serving both local residents and tourists connecting to the airport alike.

Nyama Mama is a new interpretation of the things we so fondly grew up with. An urban atmosphere with a nostalgic feel, it is as though you were sitting at grandma’s home. In fact the UK’s Evening Standard heralded it as ‘giving African food a much needed modern makeover’ along with famed American Chef Personality Anthony Bourdain making Mama’s a pit stop on his Kenyan Adventure.

After working as a cook in exclusive safari lodges around East and West Africa, Mama as gone back to her childhood roots preparing home-style dishes with an eclectic twist. A fun African roadside diner Mama’s food is a burst of flavour, taking common dishes and transforming them into something contemporary. And when Mama was on the dusty road, she would mix magical spicy and fruity potions for her friends, using fine African ingredients and special homemade infusions. Her cocktails are one-of-kind served in iconic metal Vikombe.

This opening comes on the back of Mama’s recent win at the 2018 World Luxury Restaurant Awards where she was awarded for Best African Cuisine, Africa Continent. Nyama Mama currently calls Delta Corner home in Westlands. At Capital Centre, Mama will introduce an area of fun activities and a shop of Mama’s collectables that have become so coveted.

10 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Had Great Natural Hair

Written By: Nadia Nguru

  1. Janelle Monae

The wonderful and empowering singer of ‘QUEEN’ snatched all our edges with the fresh face picture she posted a while back on instagram, showing off her beautiful, long hair.








2. Blac Chyna

Although she does love getting floor length extensions, Chyna’s hair has some serious length of its own. Infact, it’s longer than some of the weaves she wears.













3. Nicki Minaj

The undisputed QUEEN of weaves has shared with the world the true beauty underneath the inches a couple of times, leaving us in awe each time she does.








4. Gabrielle Union

Our most loveable ‘Good Deeds’ actress is not only stunning in weaves, but she also knows how to rock a cute high ponytail with her gorgeous curls.








5. Rihanna

The Rihanna Navy was HERE FOR IT when Riri posted the cutest picture of her, flossing her curls.








6. Kerry Washington

The star of the hit series Scandal, is fond of wearing weaves to red carpet events, but once in a while she does love rocking her curls.










7. Viola Davis

The fierce and vivacious lawyer from HTGAWM loves her natural style so much that she once featured the look on an episode of HTGAWM





8. Taraji P. Henson

Cookie Lyon AKA the GOAT loves her lace fronts as much as the next vivacious chica, but she is not afraid to rock her jaw-dropping natural do either.







9. Cardi B

Belcalis’ crown of unprocessed hair makes us all go “OKURRRRRRRRR!”







10. Michelle Obama

I’m fairly certain majority of us remember when Michelle Obama SHOOK the internet with this picture of her natural hair in all its glory at the White House.

The Wackiest, Weirdest and Down Right Most Confusing Trends

1. Extreme Cut Jeans

These incorrectly dubbed pair of “Extreme Cut Jeans” appear to be pieces of cloth pieced together to form what would be jeans with parts missing…many parts. The most shocking part is the fact that they go for $168. For almost 17,000 Kenyan Shillings you’d at least expect jeans that come with a new pair of legs.





2. Car-Mat skirt

These are literally for the “girl on the go.” I mean it. For a beautifully priced $2,495 you can buy this…cute? Little outfit at any of Balenciaga’s online stores or department stores.





3. Duvet Ponchos

Don’t wanna leave your bed? Too cold outside? Well don’t you worry one bit, the Duvet Poncho is here to solve all that. The crafty British Fashion design house, Mulberry, created the duvet poncho to allow you to beat the cold, whilst looking stylish, I think.






4. Wearing Vinyl

Plastic makes me feel fantastic! Seems to be the latest motto/trend. More and more we see pieces of clothing being replaced by vinyl, or the whole garment made out of clear vinyl. Albeit some of the outfits created with clear vinyl do look pretty cute. For instance, the model Bella Hadid rocks her Black, vinyl trousers quite stylishly.








5. Male crop tops

Ever thought of what your boyfriend would look like in your clothes? The answer can be found in one of the latest trends. Crop tops for men. Don’t think it’s a trend that will ever catch on, well here’s Kid Cudi to prove you wrong.





6. Fake Mud Jeans

Incase you’re in the mood to look like you have been upto a lot of work, but you don’t actually want to do the work…these are the PERFECT fit for you. Apparently looking dirty is a literal trend these days. What a time to be alive!





7. Straw-hat dress

For a meager $3,050 you can get a beautifully woven dress. Made from straw hats. One exceptionally creative French designer by the name Jacquemes came up with a way for ladies around the world to beat the heat. I assume so.  One cannot really be too sure what the purpose of this dress is exactly.






8. Pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers

Looking for something to complement your ‘Fake Mud’ Jeans? Seek no further than the pre-destroyed set of Margiela sneakers being sold for a neat $1,425 For such a price, you would probably be anticipating a pair of sneakers designed by the divine…instead, you can treat yourself to a beautiful set of “these just got runover by a lawnmower” sneakers.





9. RompHim

The outfit looks as ridiculous as the name sounds, but I think this outfit MIGHT just work for some people. Although people may need time adjusting to the idea of a ‘male romper.’

Tips For The Gym Newbie

Written By: Nadia Nguru

Getting into any new routine can be pretty hard, daunting and most times you’ll feel like quitting. Don’t. No really, I mean it. Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation coupled with some guideline to get you on the right track.

  1. DO NOT overwork your muscles

It can be really easy to get into the gym with a lot of psych and do multiple reps with weights, working out your forearms, triceps etc. if you are not yet used to how demanding the recovery process of your muscles can be..mostly because you’re a ‘newbie’ then overworking your muscles can lead to muscle spasms which are no fun at all.

  1. DO warm up before you start training

You have to treat gyming like a sport, especially when it comes to lifting or working with weights. If you don’t warm up prior to, you’re not going to have a very successful training session. Warming up ensures that your body is ready for the workout. It does so by gently increasing your heart rate and blood circulation as well as upping the blood flow to your muscles and relaxing your joints.

  1. Supplement your workouts with the right nutrition.

It’s one thing to hit the gym, but more often than not, you make a bigger impact on your body by changing your diet as well. Eating foods high in saturated fats and acid doesn’t help your body as it slows down the healing process of muscles that underwent ‘wear and tear’ at the gym.

  1. Pace yourself

This point cannot be stressed enough. You have to build up a pace and keep with it before you start skipping from lifting 15 to lifting 40 kgs. The same goes for squatting, ab-crunch machines…you get the point.

  1. Want to lose belly fat? Cardio.

To some this may sound a little unbelievable, but cardio aids the loss of belly fat to a great extent. Thus, you can try all the versions of situps and crunches known to mankind, but you must supplement them with cardio for you to start exhibiting proper fat loss. Cardio includes running, using the elliptical or a speed bike. Basically anything that gets your heart racing and makes you break a lil sweat.

  1. Know your body type.

It’s all well and good to get advice from peers who’ve been to the gym a little longer, but doing some research to know your body type goes a long way in making sure you’re getting the most out of your work out. There’s probably no other more sure-fire way of getting the gains you want, other than knowing what training regime works best for you. For Ectomorphs, a diet high in protein is necessary. Ironically enough, carbohydrates are also recommended for ectomorphs, but be careful as to which carbohydrates to consume;complex carbohydrates take long to breakdown and slow down the bulking process. For endomorphs, a diet low on carbohydrates and rich in protein and healthy fats will help with the fat-loss process.




7. Make it a lifestyle

A lot of experts recommend making going to the gym a habit in order to see positive improvements both mentally and physically. I argue that you should make it a lifestyle. This doesn’t mean littering your instagram feed with selfies every time you hit the gym, it just means that you should take it as seriously as you take going to work, school, eating, sleeping-as seriously as you take all parts of your lifestyle.  


Thrift Social Nairobi- Made In Kenya Edition In Pics

Thrift social is no ordinary fashion event, suffice to say however that the stylish souls that step out for this event will leave you breathless, be it in a good or bad way.

The event was celebrating 10 years since its inception at Uhuru Gardens Nairobi Kenya and you can bet we were there to capture every bold, beautiful and outrageous outfits.

The theme this time was Made In Kenya and to be honest I personally was of the opinion that all and sundry would put their best fashion foot forward in a kitenge/ cultural garment. I couldn’t have been more wrong. See for yourself.



























Itty Bitty Fashion Tips You Might Just Need.

  1. Adhesive Bras

When wearing any backless top or a halter top, it’s tedious to try and search for the right bra that will hold up your girls whilst not showing, to give you that “they’re naturally like this” feel/look. Adhesive bras do just the trick and you can get an abundance of them online.

  1. Go Hands Free

Sometimes, you’re getting ready to leave the house so you pick up your things and stare at yourself in the mirror. But something just does not feel right! Maybe it’s the bulky briefcase you’re hauling around called your handbag. If you can’t find a small, cute bag that goes with your outfit, just go hands free and carry what you’re sure you will need…especially if you’re going on a night out or a date. Being hands free makes your outfit stand out as that is where all the attention is.

  1. Scarfs solve problems

If you feel like your outfit is a little too plain, or maybe the shirt doesn’t quite complement what you have paired it with, simply throw on a scarf that matches whatever is underneath eg. your skirt or trousers.

  1. Big Busts + Short Girls = Empire waists

It can get pretty difficult being a lady with a big bust but is also petite, i.e you’re under 5’4, however, for such body types, empire waists go a long way. The concept of an empire waist is garments with a fitted bodice that end below the bust- you can even create  this look yourself by pairing a fitted shirt with a long skirt that is worn directly under your bust.

  1. Less is more…NOT!!

When it comes to fashion, the phrase “less means more” applies very loosely…unless of course you are talking about make-up. There are times when all it takes to make your outfit come together is to layer up, but layer up correctly. Pairing up a plaid shirt with a full-length jean jacket will not do you any favours in terms of improving your outfit.  

  1. Your zipper won’t stay up? No problem. There’s a fix for that.

Whether the issue is that your jeans are too tight, or it’s that pair of jeans from toi that always has an issue with the zip, all you need is a keychain ring and you can fix that. Simply attach the keychain ring to the zip and then attach the other end of the ring to your button. Your zipper will no longer slide down and embarrass you in public.

  1. Pair your outfit with a short blazer for that snatched waistline look.

For when you are in the mood to show of your waistline, it’s always easier to throw on a short blazer over your outfit, that will allow you to achieve that “snatched waistline.”   

  1. Overdress! Overdress! Overdress!

When you’re headed somewhere new and you are not familiar with the dress code, it’s always better to overdress and make yourself look good because the last thing you want is to show up looking a little sub-par. You would rather be the bell of the ball than look like the one person who did not get the memo on the dress code.

  1. Feel it. Be it

This works both ways, if you feel great, you’ll look great. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing…high chance you look uncomfortable in it too.