Met Gala 2019: The Best And Worst Dressed

First of all can we address the elephant in the room real quick, Rihanna’s presence was greatly missed…. The End. Oh wait, why did she miss the biggest event of the year in the fashion calendar again? Well, apparently Fenty’s launching in the UK (read she had better things to do)

As she shared bible verses on Instagram and praise Vogue US editor in chief Anna Winter as best dressed at the event, Twitter was wilding to the point of Photo Shopping her to the event.

That was funny though, sis should have just pulled up in one of the Fenty Lingeries she would have killed two birds with one stone. Anyway enough about Riri she’s probably ‘busy with the upcoming album’ that we’ve grey-hairedly waited for.

This year’s theme was Camp: Fashion notes, that in lay mans language required the celebrities / guests to embody irony, humor, parody, pastiche, theatre and exaggeration. So far, so good until I saw Kanye West pull up; son, what happened?  This is the guy who’s supposed to be suffering backache from carrying the world’s creativity on his back? No son, we don’t care if that jacket cost $4, the Kanye we know would have done better. We are disappointed, I am disapointed.









Kim in all her latex glory could be seen on the carpet stepping away from him from time to time as her pictures were taken. Sigh.

Was I the only one cringing at Gaga’s 4 wardrobe change and stair act? The only thing that made sense to me was the prop that looked like a trolly and to think she was co chairing the prestigious fundraising event. But wait, the pink number while she held the phone was not bad at all including the black gown plus hair and make up.







My heart swell with nostalgia as I saw Zendaya take the pink carpet, her Cinderella get up was such a sight for sore eyes, I can imagine all the wires and effort it took to bring this Tomy Hilfiger number to life.









Now for those who were asking where Ciara left her little cute son who was dressed in Gucci at the Billboard music awards (like we all need the details) the event is strictly for 18 year olds and above. Now long before her wardrobe change and twerk session on the carpet she donned a leafy green Dundas gown and goodness her hair was a piece of work, she looked great to say the least









Have these two ever disappointed on the Met Gala carpet? NEVER is the answer, I mean they’ve attended like only two but still, they looked fabulous. Travis Scott was my best dressed dude of the night no doubt in his Versace brown suit with black trim and leather gloves, the suit came with a leather harness on it. Kylie, were those detachable feather sleeves she wore with her Lavender Versace gown, sis looked dope despite complaining that she couldn’t breathe in the dress. Now I’ve never been a fan of the nude trend but the creativity was one heck of a vibe.









Remember when I said I hate nude trends? I hate whatever Kendall was wearing, her hair and make up was on point though plus the color looked good on her.

What in the world was Celine Dion wearing? I mean I can see it but just not her in it, forget the age factor and all but in my own personal opinion I don’t think she looked good in the design, the shimmering effect, the tassels, everything about the get up is fine but ah no.









I can’t believe guys were hating on this fit, I mean the comparison to ham omelette was almost precise but trust me, this would be me if I ever got a chance to be invited at this event, comfort is key and those sneakers are everything.












5 Times Lupita Nyong’o’s Brother Style Caused Uproar

Actress Lupita Nyongo has been a go to girl in matters fashion but can we actually say the same thing about her brother? We’ll let the pictures do the talking and then you’ll decide.

He’s been trolled countless times for his outfits especially at major events, here’s 5 times he left people talking.

He decided to express his more liberal, free-spirited side at the 10 year Blankets and Wine Celebration last year by coming through in a dress.

Then there was this time he accessorized his suit with a head scarf at the Star Wars Premiere.

He cross dressed yet again but this time took it on a another level in a ball gown.

Now most of us can barely picture ourselves in black lipstick because heck, we know we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but not Nyong’o jnr.

He also made a few uncomfortable when he wore this dangling one earring.

And we are definitely not about to forget the time he put up a photo of him in a red thong and red heels and yes he also had red lipstick on.

Model Winnie Harlow Best Fashion Looks

She made history by becoming the first first model with vitiligo to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway. Her skin condition has never stopped her from stepping out in confidence.

Harlow is also a vocal advocate of diversity in the fashion and beauty industries, speaking out about both the successes and challenges she faces as a model of color and a s a person with vitiigo.  “I represent a different standard of what people traditionally consider beauty.” she told Glamour once.

Here are 5 times that she also stepped out in trendy and eye catchy style

































5 Shoes Every Serious Man Should Own

Gentlemen, a man’s shoes says a lot about him, you don’t need to buy so many shoes as girls do but at least have the super ones that can fit to various occasions.

Here’s a list of 6 you definitely need to own in case you still don’t.
When buying brogues always remember that the more brogue details on the shoe, the less formal it is.
Dark brown ones go well with formal occasions while light brown ones are more casual.
Black Madrid Strap Boots 
 These hand made boots are a must have in your wardrobe. These are the kind of shoes that speak on your behalf at any occasion, careful however not to get too carried away and wear them at seriously formal events.
Double Strap Monks
They will smarten up your jeans and dress down your trousers!
Suede Chukka Boots 
They were popular in 40’s and serve as an elegant alternative to sneakers.
 With or without the tassels loafers offer a great smart casual ensemble.
Nothing beats a good pair of Air Force ones, if you still don’t have them, get them.

8 Awesome Father Child Matching Outfits

I wish I could say that this is the best way to bond with your little tyke but it honestly has more to do with stepping out in style and making a statement than it does bonding, but either way it’s a win, win situation for every father out there.

How about the next time you’re out shopping, you consider buying your son or daughter an outfit that matches your own? No idea of how to go about it? Don’t worry here are a couple inspirational ideas to get you started and don’t forget to take pictures for the gram.










Rock Your Ankara Pants Like A Pro

In case you intend to finally get that piece of Ankara fabric sown into a fabulous garment (that’s also if you’re past the headache of getting a good tailor) then how about you make a pair of Ankara pants? They’re trendy, comfy and can be casually worn in many ways. As you think about it, here are a couple of designs and ways that you could style your future or current Ankara pants.

5 Hacks That Will Make Your Jeans Look Dope

Your jeans are probably the only piece of clothing in your wardrobe that can have the longest lifespan all thanks to these fashion hacks. Whether it has a hole, gets creased or a chewing gum gets stuck, don’t worry these proven hacks below will handle it all

1. Skip Washing

I know, sounds crazy but hey it works if you want to maintain the newness and color of your jeans. What you need to do is seal up your jeans in a plastic bag and store them in a freezer. YW.
2. Use sand paper to turn them into a pair of distressed jeans.
3. If your jeans have big holes Wear lace tights underneath for a fun look
4. Incase of stain use baking soda. Make a solution using the baking soda and little water and get a clothe or tiny brush to scrub.
5.Use warm vinegar to remove chewing gum

7 Ways To Step Out Dripping With Bae

It’s a trend that’s pretty popular in Asian countries but we can’t say we haven’t seen it enough times on our streets or even with our friends from Nigeria who do it with so much pizzazz and passion for their culture. We are not too bad off ourselves but most times we’d rather just comment #Goals on social media or  on friends posts rather than step out with our own significant other (No pressure) looking sleek in matching outfits. Believe me, they don’t have to be identical cause that can look a little tacky at times. Here are a couple of creative ideas to get you sold.



















































5 Manly Ways To Rock Polka Dots

It’s time for you to become bold enough to rock a polka dot number one of these fine days. So how about I give you a few tips before you set out on this brave venture aye? For starters, maintain the dots on one piece of your outfit, For instance, if you’re wearing a pair of polka dot trousers, pair them up with a plain T-shirt to counteract the bold print. If you feel like a pro then sure, go  ahead and play around with the patterns but make sure the colors remain neautral and we’ll coordinated.

Now for more inspo and guidance, check out the following:

7 Dope Street Style Inspo For Men.

If you ever run out of outfit ideas, trust me street style always has the best inspiration. Be it casual, minimal, sporty or a formal look, Street Wear has you covered and is a great way of modernizing your look. We were able to gather our best 7 of the week, check them out and be inspired.