The Tuborg Open Returns – Featuring Diplo and MØ

It’s a music campaign that seeks to bring together incredible talent in the world of music, to deliver a message.

Danish lager brand Tuborg is this year partnering with superstar artists Diplo, MØ and others to bring together culture and diversity – all within one song.

The aim? To encourage people to be ‘Open To More’ – in their own individual styles and ways.

Dip0lo has been here before, having been a major part of last year’s campaign, and this year, collaborates with the rising Danish star on a tune called ‘Stay Open’, with artists from around the world invited to rewrite the verses to tell story of what being ‘Open To More’ means to them.

Diplo says: “To be part of Tuborg Open for the second year is really cool. This year Tuborg came to us with the idea of being “Open to More” and MØ and I were already working on ‘Stay Open,’ this track about how so many times people are closed but it’s important to stay open to new people and experiences…”

Danish vocalist and songwriter MØ is also excited about the collaboration, nothing that by being open to new experiences, you can mix things up0 and see what magic can happen.

The campaign will be supported with on-pack and digital, culminating with a live gig featuring Diplo and MØ as well as some of the local artists, later in the year.

Milan Shah, International Marketing Manager at Tuborg, said, “Tuborg has a long and proud heritage with music, helping introduce new genres and artists to new markets. Through this year’s Tuborg OPEN campaign, we’re once again setting out to encourage people around the world to be Open To More – to be inquisitive, exploring the world around them, trying new experiences and sharing them with others to see where it takes them.”

Nairobi is ready. And absolutely Open To More.



Fast Facts About Cardi B

Want to sound like a know it all at the next party you go to, that will be banging out Cardi B’s new album ‘Invasion of Privacy’?

Be the person with the most ridiculous facts about the rapper/ actress/ social media star. You know you want to:


Belcalis Almanzar is a rapper, TV personality and social media celebrity. She’s learned how to use her popularity as a straight shooter, to enhance her brand, and now look where she is.

Her debut single “Bodak Yellow” was a number-one hit. Across the world. Everyone knew the lyrics. And sang them. Loud. Every chance they could get.

She spent two seasons on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” and was the breakout star of the show that mainly involved screaming, throwing wine at other cast members and living highly contrived lives.

Cardi B is engaged to Migos rapper Offset, and is now expecting her first baby.

Cardi B’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Killing It With Album Sales

No doubt, rapper Cardi B has all the buzz around her.

And that’s not reflecting in the manner in which she makes bank. Have only just released her album Invasion of Privacy, social media and a solid brand combined to deliver the results: the artist went Gold in just a couple of days of release.

The projections were all there – reports had expected the album to move between 170,000 to 200,000 equivalent album units in its first week with 45,000 to 55,000 of that figure being made up of pure sales.

Cardi’s 2017 mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2 previously peaked at No. 25 on the US Independent Album charts. Due to pre-release single sales, including those of Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Bodak Yellow,” the album has already been certified gold.

Official sales numbers for the projects will announced by Billboard early this week.

Go Cardi!

Taxify Offers Discount Rides For #FreeYourMind Concert Goers.

The good folks over at Taxify are asking you to get down to the Free Your Mind concert this coming Friday, and they don’t want you to dig too deep into your pocket to do so.

They have just unveiled a raft of offers that will see those purchasing tickets to the gig headlined by Jamaican dancehall star Kranium, who will be live at The Ballroom on the 6th of April.

If you have picked up a regular ticket, you get to save 300 bob off your journey to the venue, while if you are balling and have purchased a VIP ticket, you get 500 shillings off.

This will be Kranium’s first performance in the 254 and he will be surrounded by the baddest crew including DJ Maphorisa of ‘In Particular’ fame. Also touching the stage alongside Kranium will be H_art The Band, DJ KACE, Joe Mfalme and Suraj amongst others.

The venue, at the International Casino Complex is pretty much the guaranteed place to be this weekend.

Free Your Mind is all about challenging your reality, and allowing yourself to go with the flow and with the music.

Free your mind from the stress of finding a ride, through one of the event’s official partners, Taxify.

Follow Taxify on Twitter for more details!



Aaliyah: Her Top Five Tunes

Lists such as these are always debatable – especially with an artist who affected people as much as the late Aaliyah did. Baby Girl had a catalogue of hits – and the tightest musical crew that has possibly ever existed in the world of RnB. She made history with Timbaland, Missy and Ginuwine – they referred to themselves as the ‘Superfriends’ and it showed.

Her music seemed ahead of its time, and has aged pretty darn well.

So perhaps this list is my OWN list of favourite Aaliyah songs. What are yours?

We Need A Resolution

Rock The Boat

Back and Forth

If Your Girl Only Knew

One In A Million

Jon B: One Of RnB’s Silkiest Singers

And we don’t just mean his hair!

John B had soul – and was pretty fly for a white guy. Before Justin became the ‘Annointed’ following from his stint in the pseudo- RnB group N Sync, Jon B was everything.

His connection to one of the biggest producers at the time – Babyface – he had just what it took to get to the top of radio playlists across the world with hits such as “Someone to Love,” “They Don’t Know” and “Are U Still Down” (featuring Tupac Shakur).

He lost his way a little bit thanks in part to label mergers in the late 90’s and a poorly promoted album in 2004.

But he’s still working in music, as a producer and songwriter and yes. He’s still making music.

Jon B still has it. Hopefully he gets to show it off a little bit more.

Jon B – They Don’t Know

#RnBVeterans Brandy Vs Monica In ‘The Boy Is Mine’

For the young person living through the late nineties and early 2000’s, no song had quite the kind of cultural impact of Brandy and Monica’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’ – a duet between two RB powerhouses that came out at a time when the media loved to pit two successful, attractive female artists against each other.

Nothing much has changed in today’s world, but without the advent of social media to allow us to dissect our ideas and shoot down any kind of attempt at sexism in music, we all lapped it out.

Of course the two hated each other. Of COURSE the song was about a real person in their lives. And of course it was one of the biggest RnB songs of the era.

Monica and Brandy are still fighting today (so perhaps that little rumour was true)

But that’s besides the point.

This one was a banger.

Legendary Feuds In Hip Hop

The number of feuds that have broken out between artists in Hip Hop are so numerous, it’s almost impossible to recount them all. Conflict and beef is a core part of the genre – adding to its spice, and elevating unknowns into the mainstream. It can rejuvenate a veteran – or in today’s social media heavy generation, create a whole new group of fans for a particular artist. Beef can bring out the best and the worst in hip hop at any one time – from its most tragic (Biggie vs Tupac) to one of the highlights of a decade (Jay Z vs Nas)

They might not be your most memorable, but here are just five of hip hop’s most legendary battles:

Tupac vs. Biggie

The most legendary feud between two giants. It ultimately led to their deaths.

Jay Z vs. Nas

Despite your allegiance, this was one of Hip Hop’s greatest feuds. Two rappers from New York, two emcees whose skills on the mic could barely be matched at the time, and two entertainers who had learned enough lessons from the past, to know when to quit.

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule

Still one of hip hop’s most talked about, for a burgeoning internet generation. Ja Rule was at the top of his game when this one started, but 50 Cent crushed him. Destroyed him.  Comical really.

Nas vs. Memphis Bleek

This feud set things up for one of the biggest battles in the history of rap. A back and forth between Nas and Jay Z’s apprentice Memphis Bleek

Common vs. Ice Cube

Two actors and rappers who eventually quashed their conflict and worked together. Common v Ice Cube had beef in the ’90s after Ice Cube perceived a lyric in Common’s 1994 classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” as a diss.

Boomplay Music Named The Best App In Africa

The Apps Africa Awards took place yesterday in Cape Town, with a slew of some of the most exciting advances in mobile and digital technology competing against each other for some pretty high value stakes – from the fields of financial tech, to social impact, to disruptive innovation – all categories that any of the entrants would be proud to have been nominated in.

The biggest award of the night was understandably the most competitive – with an array of behemoths in the mobile tech space:

Competing against Carter and FeastFox from South Africa, Asorbia from Ghana and Truecaller Africa, Boomplay Music managed to take the prize as Africa’s Best App – a nod to the music streaming app’s ease of use, gorgeous interface and most significantly, the impact of the app – and the manner in which it has opened up access to music, for millions across the continent.

Current statistics show that Boomplay users have shot up to 16 million over the past year, with an increase in Monthly Active Users to 9 million up from 2 million last year.

Joe He is the MD for Boomplay Music: ‘’Bagging the award for the best African app showcases our renewed efforts to build a sustainable ecosystem for content providers, while ensuring that content consumption is a walk in the park for our users. The growth we have experienced in only a little over two years is super impressive. On behalf of Boomplay Music, we are emboldened by this recognition and will continue to sharpen our focus towards confrontingdigital content consumption challenges with new and adaptive innovations through technology.’’

You can download Boomplay Music from the Play Store, and for iPhone owners, the app will be available for your operating system at the start of next year.