The Cleveland Cavaliers Playoff run So Far

With round two of the 2018 NBA playoffs already up and running, no one really expected the Cleveland Cavaliers to come this far. Within the confines of a basketball Lebron James feels he can do anything. No shots he can’t take or block, no deficit he can’t rebound from, no strain on his body he can’t handle. For most of the time this is a good thing for the Cavaliers who would turn out to need an actual superhuman effort from Lebron just to make it out of the first round.

In those seven games against Indiana he dropped more than forty points three separate times and played 288 minutes of total basketball. That is 86% of the amount of time it was even possible for him to be on the court. He also scored or assisted on 59% of the Cavaliers total baskets and it was practically from every spot on the floor. At some point in game 7 the cameras caught him saying “I’m playing the whole game” which is what we always want from our superstars.

 The question is how practical is that when there’s still a host of games to come. That answers why he was rested towards the end of the third quarter against the pacers after he started cramping. After beating the Raptors who’ve led the eastern conference for the most part of the regular season in game one of round two, Lebron is without a doubt one the best in his craft.  Don’t get me wrong they’ve won nothing yet. That is just game one, there’s still a possible six to go, a conference final and the culmination of it all the NBA final against even better opposition. Clearly Lebron and his under achieving support cast have their work cut out. It’s a matter of let’s wait and see how much the King still has to offer.

Invasion Of Privacy

After Bodak yellow majority of critics thought that would be it for Cardi B. Fast forward and barely a year later she’s dropped her debut album and it’s raising a lot of dust. She’s slowly curving herself on the upper echelons of the hip hop world. In my opinion she can now be spoken of in same breath with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Remy Ma and many others. A magnificent debut album that fuses vulnerability, sexual voraciousness, paranoia and party music shows the rapper is capable of far more than punchy put-downs. In an age of slurred mumble-rap and sing-song delivery, there’s an old-school satisfaction in hearing someone deliver their bars with such, well, finesse. There’s even a touch of Biggie to the way she balances a thick local accent with absolute clarity and perfectly weighted meter, but her way of drawing out vowels before slamming them into teeth-kissing consonants is all her own. Clearly, she’s here to stay and the tide is slowly moving from Nicki Minaj to her.

My Fitness Journey – Brian Wandera

January is here and guess what ?It’s the month to tell your fitness stories.One thing for sure is a good number of fitness enthusiasts usually don’t want to look at themselves in mirror after the festive season.Reason being majority of them slack during this period.Worry not it’s a phase in many fitness enthusiasts stories.

Many of us fitness enthusiasts or those of us just beginning our fitness journeys find ourselves looking at the seemingly perfect, toned, taught models on social media, fitness mags, or even television and think “I wish”, “must be nice”, or “if only”. Very seldom do we consider the journey and efforts it took that individual to achieve that desirable physique. I am here to share my own personal journey on how I got to where I am today.

Growing up I wasn’t the biggest kid on the block.What gave me an edge I was very athletic and I would play with boys way older than me and still be competitive.As a kid I always got fascinated with the super hero animations and always wanted to be like them.The only thing I could do back then was play soccer and that was my first shot at fitness.During one of the holidays when we visited my grandparents I remember telling my grandpa to flex his bicep and his bicep peak really amazed me.Back then it really looked ‘huge’ and I remember telling my mom “nataka mkono kama ya kuka”and my mom replied “Ukikula itakuwa kubwa”

Coincidentally my eating habits at the time were so bad. I would skip meals most of the time playing football with my friends and when I got back home I would take juice and bread or tea and bread and that was it. It was so bad that at some point my mom had to hide the bread for me to eat proper meals.My mom’s words unknowingly gave me my first ever diet advice.I started eating well but as a kid you can hardly tell if you’re making gains.It wasn’t until when I joined high school that I made some gains in terms of height and weight.I stood at 5’8 and weighed 61kgs. Another advantage was I joined rugby and the training sessions played a big part in molding me fitness-wise.

By the time I was finishing high school I had made some significant steps. I stood at 6’0 inches and weighed 80kgs. This was just the beginning.November 20th 2011 is when I first stepped into a gym.Unlike most gyms, it had very basic equipment a bench press station, a squat rack and a leg press machine and a couple of plates here and there all made out of scrap metal.Despite the gym being sub-par I still made the most out of it and by May 2012 I weighed 92kgs.

September 2011                                                                                                                  May  2012                                                                                                                                                   

I yo-yoed between 92 and 96kgs for almost two years owing to fact that in season rugby training had a lot of running and cardiovascular exercises thus I would lose the little weight I gained during the off season.The good thing is I also became more knowledgeable and learnt more about other aspects of fitness.

August 2014                                                                                                                         November 2014

One of the most important aspects being diet. I developed the mindset food is meant to fuel your body.Supplements also came into the picture.Whey protein gold standard and celltech my go to supplements any day. I love this metaphor ‘you wouldn’t put regular fuel in a Ferrari”. In simple words you can’t expect to have that ‘perfect’ body and function at an optimum when you’re giving it crap.Give your body the best and it will look like the best.

It would be unrealistic for me to say I don’t have moments of insecurity. At times I find myself questioning my body, my efforts but I look back where I came from and it’s been worth it so far.Ups and downs are also part of the journey and I’ve had my fair share of them.

The last two years being the worst.Late 2016 I was admitted for almost two weeks because of an infected hernia.Unfortunately only the infection was treated since the hernia was hardly traceable which automatically meant it was just a matter of time before it went full blown.For almost a year I didn’t do much since I had so much difficulty working out and I lost a lot of my gains.Late last year the sad reality finally checked in and I had to undergo surgery to repair the hernia.Surprisingly despite all this I even look bigger than my previous versions when I was healthy and  injury free.

November 2017

At the end end of the day the most important thing is I’m healthy and injury free again.Can’t wait to continue the journey.

Photos courtesy of : Moses Maweu, Ministry of Rugby,Three Quarters Podcast

Exercise and Men’s Sexual Health

 The month of December is here and with it comes the festivities.Our focus this month moves to how fitness affects men’s sexual health.Which brings me to the question, How many people maintain their fitness regimens throughout this month of festivities. Without a doubt only a handful will follow the routines strictly.Fitness and all it takes kind a takes a back seats and binge drinking, unhealthy eating becomes the order of the day. Let’s kick start this month with men’s sexual health and fitness.To what extent should one go with regards to fitness and ensure their sexual health is on point?Over the years a lot has been said with regards to fitness and sexual health though the positives outweigh the negatives. The biggest boost exercise can give to your sex life is to lower your risk of erectile dysfunction, says Jorge Chavarro, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. “Exercise that helps open the arteries to benefit your heart will also increase blood flow to the penis,” he says. Physically active men may also have fewer symptoms of an enlarged prostate, a common condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Men with BPH often have to urinate frequently, or have a weak stream. Men with more severe BPH symptoms may also have a low libido, trouble keeping an erection, and enjoy sex less. Note that this exclusively represents those who exercise naturally by this I mean they’re not enhanced with steroids. Steroids are known to have negative side effects on men’s sexual health. When it comes to the strictly muscular aspect of sex, fit men have the advantage. Men in prime shape will find sex easier and less painful than men who don’t exercise much, says Neal Pire, a fitness consultant to pro athletes. “If you don’t exercise regularly, and especially if you never do crunches, you will feel soreness in your lower abdominals and your hip flexors after sex,” he says. If you are partial to the missionary position, you might feel soreness in your chest muscles. There you have just a few benefits to help you kick start the festive season.

Five Body Weight Workouts That Fit the Bill

Most often than not when we think about exercise what comes to mind is the gym.Well there are so many ways you can achieve the same goal without really having to go to the gym.Weight training isn’t the only solution to your fitness goals.My emphasis today will be body weight exercises that you can do almost anywhere provided you have space.Lets get going.


Want to get that chest burning then just try fifteen reps of this exercise.How to go about this exercise is pretty simple.Start off with your legs shoulder width,then go down and assume the push up position and come up with a jump.This should be done in quick succession.By far one of the best body weight workouts that involves the whole body.

Body weight squats.

This workout is done pretty much like the weighted squats only that in this scenario your body acts as the weight.A good workout for your lower extremities.

Bear crawl

Embrace the inner grizzly.Starting on all fours crawl over a designated distance and you’ll feel your legs and shoulders burning.

Tuck Jump

Start the exercise while standing then jump and tuck your legs with your hands.Do this 10-15 times and your cardio and legs will be up and running.

Mountain Climbers

Starting on your hands and knees, bring the left foot forward directly under the chest while straightening the right leg. Keeping the hands on the ground and core tightjump and switch legs. The left leg should now be extended behind the body with the right knee forward. 

Exploiting Different Exercises

Different types of exercise emphasize different elements of physical fitness. Well-balanced workout regimens include different types of exercise to help you avoid injury and develop or maintain overall physical fitness. You may perform different types of exercise in varying proportions, depending on your goals. For example, overweight individuals may burn more calories by increasing flexibility, and endurance athletes can avoid injuries by including strength exercises in their training.


Anaerobic exercises increase the force your muscle contractions can generate, and may increase your strength, speed or power output. Weightlifting, sprinting and plyometrics are examples of anaerobic exercise. This type of exercise involves performing fewer, and more intense, muscle contractions than aerobic exercise. For example, heavy weightlifting exercises exhaust your muscles after fewer contractions, because each contraction is particularly intense. Anaerobic exercises, which exhaust your muscles in 15 or fewer repetitions, may provide optimal strength gains. Increasing the power of each contraction may require exercises that exhaust your muscles in under six repetitions.


Flexibility exercise enhances the range of motion of your muscle and joint movements. Stretching and many yoga poses, are forms of flexibility exercise. Flexibility exercises are particularly beneficial after anaerobic exercise, because more recovery nutrients reach your hungry muscles. Prolonged muscle tightness, poor recovery and bad posture can shorten your muscles over time. Flexibility exercises stretch out your muscles to help prevent shortening and subsequent injuries. You may hold post-workout stretches for 10 to 30 seconds, while you may hold individual yoga poses for up to five minutes.


Stability exercise improves your ability to maintain body alignment while resisting unwanted bone and joint movements. For example, balance, agility and core training include stability exercises. Stability exercise enhances your control of body movements by strengthening muscles, which support and coordinate your joint articulations. Greater stability helps you perform more powerful muscle contractions, because less energy is lost through inadvertent joint and muscle movements. The National Federation of Personal Trainers recommends including 10 minutes of stability exercise in your daily workout regimen.


Aerobic exercise involves performing continuous movements with large muscle groups, such as your legs, for 20 minutes or more. Cycling, swimming, rowing, walking or jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. You may perform aerobic exercise to increase your cardiorespiratory endurance or lose weight. Low-intensity aerobic exercise sessions that last at least 45 minutes are ideal for weight loss, according to the National Federation of Personal Trainers. Enhancing your cardiorespiratory endurance requires higher intensity aerobic exercise, which may last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Most Fundamental Exercises: The Big Three

November is finally here and the journey continues.Our main focus shifts from health to different types of exercises you can incorporate in your daily workout routines.

A good number of people would wonder what exactly is the big three? Well, your answer is right in your gym.Squats,Bench press and dead-lifts and you have it all figured out.Why do I say this?All these exercises are compound movements which basically means they involve almost the whole body.In essence that’s all you need to ensure your fitness needs are taken care of.



By far one of the best exercises for athletes and the general population.Everyone interested in fitness should be doing squats in one way or another. This is owed to the simple fact that squats work the whole body and has the following benefits:

  • Better functional mobility
  • Greater bone mineral density and lesser chance of breaking a bone.
  • Strong core development and overall body functionality.

These are just some of the many benefits, the list is endless. Always make sure you include squats in your workouts you won’t regret.


Bench Press

Without a doubt one of my favorite exercises because of the vanity that comes with it.Just kidding,bench press primarily works the chest area,front deltoids and triceps.That’s basically your upper body.If you keep dreaming of that herculean upper body strength this should be one of your go to exercises.



The culmination of it all the dead-lift.It’s the icing on the cake simply because it involves the whole body more than any of the other exercises.

Legs,back,core,shoulders name them the dead-lift works all of them at a go.One of the most taxing exercises for that matter.You shouldn’t leave this exercise out of your workouts you’ll definitely reap the results.

In a nut-shell this three exercises fit the bill when it comes fulfilling your fitness goals.Never leave them out of your programs.



Pros and Cons Of leading a fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Some people are lucky though, they don’t have to work so hard to stay in shape.They get messages from random people asking for fitness tips yet all they do is sit there and eat. In short good genetics play a big part in one’s fitness journey.

Long story short here are some pros and cons of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.For the longest time now fitness and health is arguably one aspect of the human lifestyle that is really hard to just go by. This is due to the fact that it requires a lot of disciple and commitment for one to lead this lifestyle. One thing is for sure it’s not easy to maintain owing to the fact it is a grueling process . The interesting part is most people want to have the so called box office bodies but are not willing to put in the work.

  1. i) Don’t be too obsessed with size.

This affects mainly men who lift weights.The downside of lifting too much is your heart also grows and it reaches a point it can’t support your whole body.Heart failure is usually imminent in these scenario. I call these people ‘bigorexic’. Living a healthy and fit lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to be too muscular.

  1. ii) Don’t be too hard on yourself

Majority of people think it’s all about a strict diet plan and training regimen . As they call it in the fitness world a cheat meal once in a while won’t hurt. What I mean is you can have a burger or two.

iii)Discipline and consistency

The most integral part of living a healthy and fit lifestyle by a mile.Getting that desired body is usually hard but with these attributes achieving it becomes easier.



iv)Variate your workout and diet routines

Doing the same thing over and over again it reaches a point you don’t get results. In fitness it’s called muscle memory thus the need to keep switching up the exercises.


The Importance Of Physical Fitness To Our Health

The importance of physical fitness to our health cannot be emphasized enough.In today’s society that is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle,there’s a greater need than ever to increase activity level to maintain both cardiovascular and body weight fitness.

Staying active means keeping your body functioning at a high level.Regular exercise will maintain the performance of your lungs and heart to most efficiently burn calories and keep your weight under control.

Another main benefit of physical activity is that it decreases the risk of heart disease.

It is important to note exercise doesn’t have to be something boring and dreaded.It can be something you like and helps increase the overall happiness of your life.

To get the most benefit you should begin by warming up for five to ten minutes.To increase your blood flow and prepare your body for activity.Follow it up with stretches to increase your mobility and flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

In essence you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. There so many alternatives. Swimming,jogging, body weight exercises among so many other things.It is important for everyone to stay active throughout their lives because of busy work and home schedules.Adulthood is one of the most important times to maintain a fitness regimen.This is because good health will reduce the number of doctor visits and many chronic problems that come with age. So let’s start making exercising a habit and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.