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  • American Football Kenya Cry For Help Ahead Of Jordan’s Visit

American Football Club of Kenya is appealing to the government of Kenya and well-wishers to come to their help as they seek to host a team from Western Asia in Nairobi come May 2017.

The American footballers of Kenya, made up of University of Nairobi, JKUAT and Umoja Chiefs, are set to host Jordan from Western Asia in May 2017 but this seems like it won’t be possible.

The footballers are looking for up to Shs 800,000 to be able to host Jordan and the match had to be pushed from March to May 2017 due to lack of funds.

“We went to the ministry of sports and they told us that we need to have an affiliation with an East Africa, Africa and International bodies regarding American Football, of which in EA it not yet there,” said Mark Omondi, a 4th year student at JKUAT who plays as a running back or half back.

Hosting Jordan will be a big step for the Kenyan team as their Asian counterparts are ready to host them back in the Asia in an all paid visit.

“Again the Ministry told us to have the game running in all counties and conduct election in the respective counties, which might be impossible as you know the equipment are very expensive and we majorly depend on donations.”

“We are looking for around 700k – 800 to host the guys, then they will intern return to same favour when we go to Jordan.”

The game was introduced at JKAUT in 2014 by George Alangwa. They have played with UoN and Umoja chiefs in more than 20 occasions since 2014.

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