Akothee Throws Extravagant Party For Her Daughters Birthday

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Akothee is know for her larger than life kind of lifestyle and she proves it everyday by traveling to exotic places and spoiling her kids with the best of the best things in life case and point, her daughter Celine Dion. She threw her a birthday that cost approximately half a million in Mombasa and as a birthday present to her daughter, she bought her a brand new Mazda CX-7 worth 1 Million.

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Celine Dion, aka, mini Akothee was turning 19 years old in her blue themed party that was invite only and included some close friends of hers. 


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Celine, who passed her KCSE exams with flying colours last year will be joining a university of her choice come April, next month as confirmed by Akothee. The mother of five wrote on Instagram:

mum , Take this keys for this toy , from the bottom of my heart , for sure you can afford to fuel & service it from the salary I Pay you for taking care of your siblings , please avoid free gifts from men, eg , free drinks & lifts , a man never gives anything for free, & if they do , they have a tendency of coming back for them in one way or the other, be an independent thinker 😍😍😍you can now drive yourself to school , thank you for being a responsible child I love you @rue.baby

Celine went on to post a cute message of her own thanking her mother for the car. 

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The moment i saw this walking in i was too shocked to speak…mummy u wil always remain the best mother in the world@akotheekenya ….i love my new toy and yes i wunt accept any lift coz i got myn.. thank yu mummy😘😍😍😍😍



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