Ace of Base Bring Back the 90s in ‘All That She Wants’ Remix (Clip)

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As the running joke goes, if you were old enough to remember Ace of Base’s hit single ‘The Sign’, then you should be married with kids by now.

The Swedish music group were at the top of their game back when music was played from cassette tapes with jams like ‘Happy Nation’ which they released in 1993 and ‘Cruel Summer’ which came out in 1998.

Well after not having their music be on airwaves for a close to a decade, they only this year and in fact this month, released a remake of their single ‘All that she wants’.

Jumping on the House music trend, they teamed up with renown music producer Mowlo on a jam which is infused with that Tropica House feel I happen to really like and have now re-released their now 14 year old single ‘All that she wants.’

Will you like how it sounds? Check it out;

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