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  • 8 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing For Fitness

When people think of working out and fitness, they hardly think of pole dancing. Hitting the gym is the first thing that comes to mind but not everyone is cut out to being a gym freak. You either get bored a few weeks in or just give up when you don’t notice any changes.

How about you try pole dancing? Yes you read that right.

Pole dancing has become quite popular these days. Gone are the days when pole dancing was considered a rauchy activity. It is a great way to keep fit and lose weight!

Not only is it a great way to embrace your inner sexiness, but it also has numerous health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not yet convinced, well, here are 10 reasons why you need to start pole dancing for fitness ASAP:

It is fun and doesn’t feel like exercise

You will not realise how hard you’re working your muscles as you enjoy spinning and trying out new techniques until the next day when doing even the smallest movements will be agony. Way better than lifting weights and counting reps at the gym right?

Helps you burn calories quickly

Pole dancing could burn as many calories as you would doing aerobics! The huge array of exercises and movement involved in pole fitness makes it great cardiovascular exercise which will lead to significant weight loss in a couple of months.

Builds your self-confidence

You will feel uncomfortable and out of place for the first few classes but once you get the gist of it, you will begin to develop some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn.You’ll feel super proud of yourself when you nail those new moves. You’ll have an improved posture and naturally walk taller and more confidently. 

You’ll get toned while still having fun

The more you struggle to learn those new tricks and spins, the more your muscles get stronger and well toned from top to bottom. You will  rarely realise how many times you lift your own body weight in just one class. It’s an absolutely fantastic workout for your abs, arms, legs, shoulders – everything!

You’ll get super flexible

Ever wondered why strippers always seem to be so flexible? It’s the pole. Flexibility will come naturally over time as you try out those moves and get good at them. We all know how much flexibility comes in handy at times 😉

It’s a great stress relief

Nailing moves will give you a feeling of euphoria like you’ve never experienced before. A good pole fitness workout will cause your body to start producing endorphins which will make you feel much calmer and generally happier after your workout.

It’s the ultimate All In One workout

Pole fitness gets your entire body involved in such a way that you don’t have to focus only on one part of your body. There is no choosing which muscles you want to work. There will be floorwork, some dancing, spins, climbing and for the more advanced polers comes inverting and lifting your whole body upside down! This will make you fit all round, including your tummy if that’s what you were hoping to lose.

You’ll be all-round healthy

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, painful limbs and joints and back pains. Pole fitness will strengthen your muscles while increasing your flexibility which reduces joint problems. The hours spent in a pole fitness classes will get you sleeping like a new-born and feeling more relaxed. 

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