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  • STOP! 8 Most Annoying Habits People Have At The Gym

It’s already hard enough to hit the gym regularly so when you get to the gym and there are pet peeves all around, sometimes you just want to scream and unleash hell on them but you just decide to keep your cool.

Chances are, these peeves know how to behave on a date, or at work but for some reason, gym etiquette just doesn’t click in their D.N.A.  You may not know it, but one of your gym habits could be totally throwing off someone else’s workout game.

There are certain no-nos in the gym — things that you shouldn’t do, lest you annoy everyone around you. In case you didn’t know, read through:

Leaving weights everywhere

It’s so annoying having to spend 15 minutes of your workout time looking for a dumbbell or barbell plate just because someone was too careless to put them back in the rack. Do everyone a favor, and return things to where you found them.

Unleashing your sweat on a machine and not cleaning up afterwards

Of course you’re going to get sweaty during your workout — that’s proof that you’re working out hard but don’t leave a wet imprint of your body on every machine you use or a big puddle on the group fitness studio floor, CLEAN UP!

Hogging equipment

It’s fine to take a quick break between sets while lifting, we get it, it can be quit tiresome. But it’s completely unacceptable to sit on a machine for several minutes, chatting on your phone all in the name of getting some rest. Bounce between machines and save the rest of us time.

Proving workout advice to everyone and anyone who hasn’t even asked for it

If you are not a fitness coach, then mind your own business. Whether or not someone is working out the wrong way, it’s not your place to correct them. Just do your thing and leave. It’s as simple as that.

Taking gym selfys

It’s totally fine to appreciate your progress but taking 1000+ selfys just to capture that perfect one is just annoying especially if there is someone else waiting to use the machine you’re on. Get over yourself!

Talking, Talking, Talking

We don’t go to the gym to exercise our ears, listening to you blabber on and on about whatever it is that is in between your ears. Seriously, go away!

Grunting too much

 A little grunt here and there is totally fine, and sometimes necessary when you’re trying to push past your limit but when you start sounding like you having sex, it just makes the rest of us really uncomfortable.

Competing with the person next to you

It’s not a marathon we’re competing neither did I come to the gym for you to use me to pace yourself. Focus on whatever it is that brought you to the gym. No one really cares how much weight you lift, really, we don’t!

Gyms are places where people come to put in some time, build muscle, and burn off calories.  To some, it’s more of an extension to their workplace whereas others think of it as a hangout or social club.

Whichever place you fall in, gym etiquette is something you should have in mind, not just for your sake but for everyone else’s.

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