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  • 6 Spoken Word Pieces To Fill You With Warmth During This Chilly season

Written By: Nadia Nguru

  1. The first is a piece by an anonymous Kenyan Poet who found a way to articulate the horrors happening in various parts of the world, for instance, Israel, Syria, Northern Nigeria and even our own Garissa. This piece consummately juxtaposes the concept of peacefully gazing at stars whilst in other areas of the world, the skies are filled with air raids and dust from buildings that have been bombed.



  1. For those who have dealt with the daunting feeling of falling in love, then this spoken word piece will be like a trip down memory lane. The artist explores the immediate feelings two strangers feel the moment they set their eyes on each other.
  2. http://www.kenyanpoet.com/2018/04/26/poem-liked-smile/


  1. Mufasa’s poetic skills pay a true testament to Kenyan greatness as he creates beautiful artistry through his words that evoke strong feelings in the keen listener.



  1. Sometimes, we need something that lifts a mirror up to society and forces us to addrees aspects of our social lives. If you’re looking for something to widen your perspective, search no further than the piece entitled “Shake The Dust” by Anis Mojgani.



  1. In the mood for an artistic depiction of socio-political  issues? Then “Accents” By Denice Froham is just the poem for you! Froham explores the issue of embracing Heritage as she recites a powerful piece surrounding her mothers ‘accent.’


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