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  • 5 Viral Dance Moves That Kenyans Created

For one of these dance moves, it was unlikely that a lot of thought went into it and for others, it was merely a ‘remix’ to an already popular move. Either way, here are five dance moves that Kenya has managed to teach the world.

5. The Kemboi.

Like I said, it’s clear that not much thought went into this one although who cares! The man had just won Gold!

Kemboi’s waist shaking celebratory dance went viral back in 2011 with there being instances of him doing it a couple of times in the years that followed, including that one time he even got to teach his world famous dance to our Deputy President William Ruto!

4. The Lipala.

This dance is a traditional Kenyan staple at functions like weddings and was made incredibly famous by Sauti Sol’s music video to their 2014 smash single ‘Sura Yako’.

After garnering six million hits, Sauti Sol took the ‘Lipala’ a notch higher by teaching it to our President Uhuru Kenyatta and former US president Barack Obama during his trip to the 254 a couple years back.

3. The original ‘Odi’ dance. 

Made famous by artist Timeless Noel, you may (or may not) know this but according to YouTuber Justin Bradford,…

The term “odi” is a slang in short for ‘ ordinary ‘ thus ODI DANCE is all about celebrating and giving hope to everyone who thinks he/she is just an ordinary person.

With over two million views on YouTube, this is obviously no longer an ‘ordinary’ dance move but one that has become so viral that other stars (like Wyre in Mimi Na Ye ) have adopted the dance.

What you’ve got to love though, is watching the many clips online of foreigners attempting (and even succeeding at) the move.

2. The Bazokizo.

Co-created by dance choreographer, dancer and artist Bruz Newton, the Bazokizo spread well beyond the confines of the Gospel industry for which the accompanying jam was meant and quickly became an internet sensation with corporates, influencers and even the Kenyan rugby team all doing the Bazokizo!

1 The ‘Odi Odi Dance’

Identified as the ‘swagger-fied’ version of the ‘original Odi’, the Odi Odi dance emerged thanks to dance choreographer Aggie The Dance Queen who also famously dances the ‘Odi Odi’ dance in the music video to Sauti Sol’s ‘Short and Sweet’ single, as the girl in the stripped jumpsuit.

Aggie has since gone on to have a BBC interview and has probably had to wear that iconic jumpsuit multiple times for show during TV interviews and on stage while performing it.

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