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  • 5 Times Lupita Nyong’o’s Brother Style Caused Uproar

Actress Lupita Nyongo has been a go to girl in matters fashion but can we actually say the same thing about her brother? We’ll let the pictures do the talking and then you’ll decide.

He’s been trolled countless times for his outfits especially at major events, here’s 5 times he left people talking.

He decided to express his more liberal, free-spirited side at the 10 year Blankets and Wine Celebration last year by coming through in a dress.

Then there was this time he accessorized his suit with a head scarf at the Star Wars Premiere.

He cross dressed yet again but this time took it on a another level in a ball gown.

Now most of us can barely picture ourselves in black lipstick because heck, we know we wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but not Nyong’o jnr.

He also made a few uncomfortable when he wore this dangling one earring.

And we are definitely not about to forget the time he put up a photo of him in a red thong and red heels and yes he also had red lipstick on.

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