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  • 5 Super Helpful Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Written By: Nadia Nguru

As much fun as it is to mindlessly surf Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, Sometimes you feel like you need an app that is designed to help you personally. Here  are some helpful apps that you can find in the App Store or Google Play Store. 

1. SpeedTest

Tired of your wifi glitching all the time, and you actually want to find out just how many mbps you are receiving? Well then, this app is just for you. The Speed Test app allows you to test the speed of your home or office wifi and find out whether you’re service providers are worth their salt.

2. Sleep Cycle

There are days where you wake up feeling like you need to go to sleep. Perhaps you’re getting a poor quality of sleep. This app monitors your sleep pattern using the microphone and motion sensors to detect your movement and any sound made by you whilst you sleep. This is to give you a pretty detailed analysis of your sleeping pattern. It even goes as far as giving you a percentage that sums up the quality of sleep you are getting.








In the mood to learn a new language but never have the time? This app is just for you! Duolingo allows you to learn new languages by providing you with fun tasks to do like matching verbs to pictures, or finding synonyms. Yes, this does seem a little childish for the average being over 10, however, in a matter of weeks you find yourself knowing a handful of words in another language!





4. Harvest

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on track with tasks and you end up missing deadlines or having to pull all nighters. This situations can be averted with one, simple solution. The Harvest app which keeps your productivity up by tracking the amount of time you need to spend on a project. Thus, Budgeting your time for you and allowing you to work.

5. Jumia Food

Being Hungry is the worst. But being hungry and not knowing what to eat is even more ghastly. The beauty about Jumia Food app is that it provides you with an assortment of restaurants within your area, allowing you to choose from a wide variety from Chinese to African cuisine, and have it delivered to your house.









6. Shazam

There’s always that song that you hear playing on radio or at a party and you just can’t seem to get it off your head. So you try to type in the lyrics to google and it just doesn’t work. Well, Shazam is an app that you can activate when a song you don’t know is playing, and it listens to the song to give you back the title, artist and even lyrics of the song. Can life get any better?


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