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  • 5 Hacks That Will Make Your Jeans Look Dope

Your jeans are probably the only piece of clothing in your wardrobe that can have the longest lifespan all thanks to these fashion hacks. Whether it has a hole, gets creased or a chewing gum gets stuck, don’t worry these proven hacks below will handle it all

1. Skip Washing

I know, sounds crazy but hey it works if you want to maintain the newness and color of your jeans. What you need to do is seal up your jeans in a plastic bag and store them in a freezer. YW.
2. Use sand paper to turn them into a pair of distressed jeans.
3. If your jeans have big holes Wear lace tights underneath for a fun look
4. Incase of stain use baking soda. Make a solution using the baking soda and little water and get a clothe or tiny brush to scrub.
5.Use warm vinegar to remove chewing gum
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