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  • 4 Of The Coolest Robots In The World

Written By: Nadia Nguru

For the average person interested in any form of new-age technology, the idea of artificial intelligence is not only exciting but simultaneously brings hope for a futuristic, more efficient world. However, for the remainder of the population the concept of artificial intelligence either seams frightening when we picture a Matrix-type world where the human race is no longer needed; or it just seems bleak with a tinge of unrealistic.

There is some good news before we get to that period in life where the human race is at stake-as if it’s not already not happening. Certain techno-savvy individuals have created some of the worlds smartest, most interactive and coolest robots of our era.

  1. Sophia

This is one of the most interactive robots, so much so that she’s become somewhat of a media personality. Having been interviewed by CNN, JImmy Fallon and the UN Deputy Chief. However, perhaps her most memorable interview of all time was her ‘date’ with Will Smith.





2. Ekso GT

The masterminds behind this robotic device created it to facilitate in the physiotherapy of stroke victims and people with spine injuries. The hip-knee bionic suit allows paralysed patients to regain mobility and walk as it utilizes trajectory settings, a gyroscope and torque sensors to figure out the amount of assistance required for each step.







3. Aibo

Ever dreamt of having a dog but you weren’t prepared to deal with all the cleaning and the feeding? Well, Sony’s got that covered for you. This robotic dog is the cutest and most loveable robot on this list. There are many versions of Aibo the dog as the first batch to be manufactured was in 1999 Since then, Sony has manufactured many more updated versions of the interactive creature.






4.  Spot

Google has always been known to come up with futuristic inventions to better mankind. Spot is in no way excluded from their list. The four-legged robot can adjust to different terrain and maneuver its way around objects as well as climb stairs! Albeit, to some it might just look like something from their worst nightmares.

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