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  • Guys, Here Are 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Incorporate This Movember

It’s November, the month dedicated to men’s health. Commonly referred to as Movember, this month is not only about growing a mustache or letting your beard grow a bit longer, but also about addressing the health issues men face.

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips you could incorporate in your daily life:

Eat healthy

The frequent Nyamachoma and Ugali is not doing you any good. Try change up your diet to healthier options like including fruits and vegetables in your daily meals and drinking plenty of water as opposed to soft drinks.


Okay, before you start feeling the pressure of bulking up in a month, think again. Exercising does not mean you suddenly become a gymaholic. Going on a run every day or doing a few push-ups in the house still counts. Just anything to lift your heart rate will be good for you.

Get a good night sleep

You need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday in order to wake up feeling refreshed and for a healthy body in general. Avoid staying up late. If you are accustomed to binge watching every night, try watching at least one episode of your favorite series per night, that way, you’ll sleep earlier and get the rest you need.

Cut down on the happy hour

A few beers with the boys after work is acceptable. However, doing this everyday is harmful to your health. Take a rain check sometimes and just get home early, prepare a nice healthy meal and have some me time. You’ll be surprised how nice it feels.


Meditation is a great way to gather your thoughts and relax. Try take at least 10 minutes a day to meditate. If you have difficulty concentrating, you can download meditation apps that will guide you through it.

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