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  • Most Absurd Yoga Trends Of All Time

Just a few years ago, few people were into fitness and now it is a trend that everyone is jumping on. Yoga as a form of fitness has been there for centuries but Kenyans are just beginning to embrace it.

Forget the conventional Yoga that you’ve probably tried out. New Yoga trends have emerged and some sound absurd but they really are a thing. Let’s take a look at some of the oddest yoga trends today:

Goat Yoga

Who knew goats would one day become useful in fitness? The whole idea is getting the goats to walk on your back while doing the moves. Apparently they lightly massage your back with their hoofs and it’s meant to be therapeutic. P.S: They poop all over the place! Comedian Kevin Hart tried this out and this happened:

Beer yoga

Well this is a good excuse to have beer at the middle of the day. Get intoxicated and achieve transcendence at the same time. You’ll probably be tipsy by the time you are done but hey, still a work-out right? No, lol. Just see what happened when Kevin Hart tried it:

SUP Yoga

Known as stand up paddleboard yoga is taking yoga to a whole other level. It’s basically doing yoga while floating on water. It’s meant to calm you down, unless you have a phobia of seas and depth. The thought that you might fall in water makes you focus more on your balance and poses. Would you try it out?

Yoga and weed

Inhaling weed before doing Yoga is apparently a thing. According to cannabis yoga experts, cannabis elevates your senses, giving you a better yoga experience. Just wondering, what happens to the munchies though?

Dog yoga

This is almost similar to goat yoga, just that this time, your dog does the poses as well. Apparently it helps create a better relationship with your pet.

Which one of these would you try out? Let me know in the comments below.

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