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  • Post-Workout Mistakes Slowing Down Your Progress

It takes grueling effort to get to the gym in this cold weather. If we’re going to put in the effort then we might as well make sure our hard work moves us a step closer to our workout goals. What we do post-workout is as important as what we do pre-workout. I know your couch feels so comfortable after a workout but there’re just a few things you need to avoid doing post-workout so that you avoid sabotaging your progress:

Staying in your gym clothes for too long

First of all, you stink! So collapsing on your couch for an hour is just downright disgusting. Besides that, staying in your gym clothes after a work-out (whether you are sweaty or not) can cause skin rashes and bacterial infections and you don’t want that.

Waiting too long to refuel

It is advisable to refuel 30 minutes after a work-out because your body needs the necessary nutrients to recover. If you hardly have the time to do so, carry a protein shake with you. It will cover you until you get the time to have a full meal.

Skipping cool down

Some days we just want to finish and leave the gym as quickly as possible that we ignore cool-down. Always give yourself at least five minutes of stretching. This will reduce your heart rate, your breathing rate and give your muscles a chance to relax.

Going straight to happy hour

Some people hit the gym then head straight to the club beers, which is fine. Just make sure your hydrate enough before taking alcohol, otherwise you’ll just end up increasing your dehydration and slowing your muscle recovery.

Binge eating

Feeling like you kicked ass during your workout and you deserve to reward yourself is fine. But what’s that reward? If it involves unhealthy foods like pizza and burgers then you are just taking a step back. It is important to stick to a healthy diet no matter how intense a work-out you have just done.

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