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  • The Wackiest, Weirdest and Down Right Most Confusing Trends

1. Extreme Cut Jeans

These incorrectly dubbed pair of “Extreme Cut Jeans” appear to be pieces of cloth pieced together to form what would be jeans with parts missing…many parts. The most shocking part is the fact that they go for $168. For almost 17,000 Kenyan Shillings you’d at least expect jeans that come with a new pair of legs.





2. Car-Mat skirt

These are literally for the “girl on the go.” I mean it. For a beautifully priced $2,495 you can buy this…cute? Little outfit at any of Balenciaga’s online stores or department stores.





3. Duvet Ponchos

Don’t wanna leave your bed? Too cold outside? Well don’t you worry one bit, the Duvet Poncho is here to solve all that. The crafty British Fashion design house, Mulberry, created the duvet poncho to allow you to beat the cold, whilst looking stylish, I think.






4. Wearing Vinyl

Plastic makes me feel fantastic! Seems to be the latest motto/trend. More and more we see pieces of clothing being replaced by vinyl, or the whole garment made out of clear vinyl. Albeit some of the outfits created with clear vinyl do look pretty cute. For instance, the model Bella Hadid rocks her Black, vinyl trousers quite stylishly.








5. Male crop tops

Ever thought of what your boyfriend would look like in your clothes? The answer can be found in one of the latest trends. Crop tops for men. Don’t think it’s a trend that will ever catch on, well here’s Kid Cudi to prove you wrong.





6. Fake Mud Jeans

Incase you’re in the mood to look like you have been upto a lot of work, but you don’t actually want to do the work…these are the PERFECT fit for you. Apparently looking dirty is a literal trend these days. What a time to be alive!





7. Straw-hat dress

For a meager $3,050 you can get a beautifully woven dress. Made from straw hats. One exceptionally creative French designer by the name Jacquemes came up with a way for ladies around the world to beat the heat. I assume so.  One cannot really be too sure what the purpose of this dress is exactly.






8. Pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers

Looking for something to complement your ‘Fake Mud’ Jeans? Seek no further than the pre-destroyed set of Margiela sneakers being sold for a neat $1,425 For such a price, you would probably be anticipating a pair of sneakers designed by the divine…instead, you can treat yourself to a beautiful set of “these just got runover by a lawnmower” sneakers.





9. RompHim

The outfit looks as ridiculous as the name sounds, but I think this outfit MIGHT just work for some people. Although people may need time adjusting to the idea of a ‘male romper.’

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