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  • 7 Predictions We All Have About The Future.

  1. Flying cars

This one is a bit of an obvious one, considering the idea that we will have flying cars has been around since…forever! But there is hope as numerous companies are working on different concepts of flying cars.

  1.  Teleportation will be real

The idea of being able to transport yourself or an object from one location to another has always been fascinating. Most of us just admire the convenience that would come with teleportation eg. no longer having to sit in traffic to get from your house to wherever.

  1. We will able to see through walls.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want the concept of x-ray vision to come to life? I’m sure the idea of being able to see what your next door neighbour is upto when they won’t stop making noise in the dead of the night is absolutely fascinating.

  1. We won’t need screens anymore

Thanks to virtual reality headsets, the thought of needing screens in 30 years to come slowly diminishes, as these nifty and efficient creations make the requirement for screens…well, null and void.

  1. We will be able to grow organs

Well this isn’t even a prediction about the future so much so as it is already a reality. Humans have been toying around with the ability of stem cells to try and regrow skin cells and in fact in January of 2017, a Berlin research institute announced that they had successfully grown a pair of fallopian tubes using stem cells.

  1. Touring space will be a real thing.

We’ve all sat and thought about how interesting it would be to take a tour around space, have hotels that don’t just offer you a “beach view” but a view of the entire world. Fortunately for us, with the strides that the likes of elon musk and NASA scientists have made, we may not have to wait for long to take a trip to space. Of course, Richard Branson has already come up with a space flight company- Virgin Galactic- that aims to send tourists into space.

  1. Our food will be grown in labs

…as if it hasn’t already began, the daunting fear of food being grown in labs has slowly become a reality, as we witness scientists grow things like meat and fish in various labs around the world.

  1. We will be able to transfer our conscience into a supercomputer

This one seems a little bit more likely to happen in the year 2100, however, numerous movies have encouraged the idea of being able to transfer an individual’s conscience into any device that will not die out. Sounds cool right?


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