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  • Your Mental Health Matters! That’s What THESE Apps Are Here For

Written By: Nadia Nguru

We’ve all heard of the horror stories of apps and video game softwares that result in the rise in violent behaviours of juveniles and sometimes even adults. The more disturbing ones even result in the deterioration of some individuals’ mental health.

On the contrary, there are some applications that actually offer anyone in need the chance to acquire help, and can be shared between those who know of a loved one who requires some assistance. Here is a list of apps that offer counselling and provide individuals methods of coping.

*please note that these applications cannot be solely relied to cope with extreme depression, anxiety etc and it is HIGHLY recommended that professional help is sought to complement the use of these apps.*

1. What’s Up Mental Health App

This app utilises The ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)- which encourages you to manage situations you are in and acknowledge your reactions to the situations or emotions- and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)-which focuses on setting and achieving goals to boost happiness. The app is useful to assist those suffering under stress or from anxiety, bipolar disorder etc.





2.  MindShift

For those specifically dealing with anxiety, this application allows you to change how you think about your anxiety and gives you methods that allow for personal progression by focusing on specific areas to tackle e.g worrying, social anxiety, extreme perfectionism etc.

3. Recovery Record

Sometimes having a positive image on your body can be challenging and the lack of one can lead to numerous self esteem issues. Fortunately, applications such as Recovery Record provide you with a platform where you can record your meals and how they made you feel, to complement that, the app also provides you with affirmations and meal plans to help you move forward to a healthier lifestyle. Albeit, this app usually requires you to work hand in hand with a professional to monitor yourself.






4. HelloMind

This Danish-originating app works to help people break away from their bad habits and negative energy. HelloMind uses the skill of hypnotherapy, which to some skeptics may sound like poppycock, but it has been proving to work in assisting individuals to quit bad habits. The app lets you pick a section to work on, for instance stress or low self-esteem.

5. Moodpath

This app is designed for those who are avidly concerned with the state of their mental health and need assistance staying on track. The app asks you questions on a daily basis to assess and keep track of your emotional and to a greater extent mental stability.  


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