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  • Brand New From Anto Neosoul: “Slow Down”

Sensimilia artiste Anto Neosoul is laying bare life as it is in one of Kenya’s informal settlement areas in his brand new video, Slow Down.
A place where he grew up, Anto tells the Kawangware ghetto story through the eyes of a poor teenage boy from the ghetto who wants to do good but the circumstances surrounding him forces him to indulge in crime.
He is a young boy whose football dreams and impoverished reality are inextricably intertwined to create the perfect ghetto tension.
He will pay the ultimate price for seeking a way out of poverty. Too soon. Too quick. Here in the ghetto, weeds are plucked faster than dreams are weaved. 
A robbery gone wrong; his undoing. What next? Watch the new video Written& Directed by J. Kuria below:

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