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  • 5 of Chris Brown’s Incredible Performances

Chris Brown turns 29 on Saturday and whether or not you agree, he is one of the best performers of the century. Breezy’s amazing voice and killer dance moves have seen him bring the house down every time he performs.

Here’s a look at 5 of Chris Brown greatest performances:

2008 BET Awards

It’s really no surprise that Chris and Ciara killed it during the 2008 BET Awards. I mean, they’re both amazing dancers! The performance is undoubtedly one of Breezy’s sexiest performances.

“Run It” 2007 Grammys

The step intro of the performance was over the top. Brown and nearly a dozen dancers dressed in matching hoodies and boots, putting it down to the sounds of their own stomping, clapping and chanting. The entire performance featured solid choreography that got Breezy showcasing his dance talent.

2010 BET Awards

Chris Brown stunned the audience with an incredible, show-stopping tribute to Michael Jackson. From the moment he appeared in silhouette to his thrilling moonwalk, he was MJ reincarnated, but it was the last two minutes of the performance that were the most crushing. Brown attempted to sing “Man in the Mirror,” yet he was so choked up he couldn’t get the words out. At the climax of the song, he was wracked with sobs and on his knees.

2007 MTV VMAs

Breezy was just 18 at the time but his performance that night proved he was made to be great. He dropped a show-stopping dance medley of “Wall to Wall,” “Billie Jean” and “Kiss Kiss” that earned him a standing ovation.

2011 Video Music Awards

Chris danced for nearly the entire performance and even flew out into the crowd and continued dancing! Now that was amazing.

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