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  • Heineken Launches Premium Draught Beer In Kenya

HEINEKEN East Africa has launched its latest premium draught beer that offers consumers quality straight beer from the brewery into the glass just as the brew master intended it to! The innovative delivery system seeks to cater to the rising demand for quality, premium beer.

The Heineken® BrewLocksystem is a revolutionary one that is designed to transform the draught experience by delivering consistent quality in an environmentally sound manner, using the atmosphere instead of complex blends of CO2 and Nitrogen to push the beer out of the keg, into the beer line.

Not only, does it simplify bartenders’ life by providing them with a fast and easy system, it will keep them busy as it will give our Heineken®loving costumers a truly great experience that will keep them coming for more, in a responsible manner.

“The benchmark entry of draught beer is momentous as it reflects the growth of our East African business and the commitment we have to expanding our local footprint in addition to solidifying our portfolio,’’Njeri Mburu, Marketing Manager, HEINEKEN East Africa. 

The new Heineken® draught beer is another milestone after the successful launch of premium beer Amstel® into the East African market, 4 months ago. It will be available in 5 initial pilot outlets where Kenyans will get to experience it in a 250 & 500ml glass:3 in Westlands: Sankara Hotel, J’s fresh bar and kitchen and Tapas Ceviche and Purdy Arms in Karen& Kengelesin Lavington.

The innovation will be rolled out to other outlets within the year.

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