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  • How Hard is Fantasy Premier League ?

Probably you’ve seen something called Fantasy Premier League(FPL) on Twitter or Facebook. This thing is hard, according to tweets we see.

FPL is a game in which participants assemble an imaginary team of premier league footballers and score points based on those players’ actual statistical performance or their perceived contribution in the league.

There are roughly 4 million Fantasy Premier League players. It’s known that people gamble even when the odds are against them for “fun.” 

Being good at fantasy football just means that you are constantly digesting lots of information by reading news, rankings, analysis, opinions, and looking at data.

Despite it being challenging, FPL is fun to play. This where you know whether you are better than Wenger or you can play two number 10s on the wing and a wing at no 10 like Mourinho.

Just how is playing FPL feels like?
I spoke to a few football fans and FPL managers who have different views as the league enters second and the last phase of the new year.

Lavin Asego, a Kenyan based manager who is also an Arsenal fan and a Kenyan international rugby player, says since August, he has been moving up in the standings.

For Bree Mongina, also an Arsenal fan based in Nairobi, it’s a different case though “up on some leagues and stagnant on some. I’m in like 10 private leagues.”

Asego adds that FPL is very exciting and challenging and he likes the challenge of strategizing and decision making.

One of the challenges a number managers have complained of this season is late withdrawal due to injuries when the transfer has already closed.

Being in a situation where up to three players are injured but you can only transfer one out is a nightmare to many.  

“Well I would prefer more (transfers) but I think one is ok. It makes you really think before using the transfer,” says Asego.

Asking Bree whether she’s happy with one transfer she says: “NOOOOOOOOOO! Because if let’s say three of your best players on your team are out on injury that will give you fewer points.”

If you see your team is heading in the wrong direction and you would like to bring a whole new team, you can play a Wildcard. A wildcard allows you to make unlimited free transfers throughout a Gameweek.


You play a wildcard when you want to make multiple changes to your team, for example, Gameweeks when teams are playing more than once, or when your team is underperforming or has a lot of injuries.

You, however, have two wildcards the entire season and the first one can only be played between August and December 30.

Asego used his first wildcard just recently unlike me, the writer, who played his’ in September (my team was doing bad)

“I played mine just before Christmas,” said Asego. Bree hasn’t used hers which means that has gone to waste!

You only have 100m to assemble a team which means you can’t have those stars you are thinking about. If you have Firmino, Kane and Aguero you’ll definitely spend up to 30m on them meaning the rest of the team will consist of some non-regulars at Manchester United like Juan Mata.

Asego wishes he “had Kevin De Bruyne” as Bree wishes to have “Kane back. I sold him and also David Silva!”

As Bree says FPL is not complicated than the league itself, Asego agrees it is “coz you have to research about the players and also the restrictions of the FPL.”

None of the two is happy where they are in various leagues ahead of gameweek 23.
“I would like to be first in my own damn league. I am struggling,” said Asego. For Bree, “Nope hahaha the guys in the Whatsapp group (FLP) make fun of me a lot.”

Asked on what feature they would like to be added to the FPL in the coming season, Asego feels “you shouldn’t be “punished” for injuries coz you have no control of that….in case of an injury (especially long-term) you should be allowed a ka free hit”

Bree would like two transfers. “At least two transfers per game week and a bargain icon think they overcharge us and maybe the player himself is not that good, yes.”

At HBR, we have no jokes when it comes to FPL. Fanzone crew members Dj John, G Money and I are all FPL managers.

Last season’s HBR FPL winner took home Ksh50,000 and this season it looks tighter than the league(obviously Man City has no competition). To join the league, put code 1776647-425219.

For more on this and the Premier League, listen to HBR Fanzone every Saturday from 9 am.

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