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  • #FashionFriday: How To Rock The Fanny Pack Trend

You have probably seen it in the past or quite recently, either way the fanny pack also called a waist bag by some, is among us stirring a trend.

Spotted on various Spring – Summer 2018 collections, this pack could be here to stay for quite a while so if you already hate it, brace yourself, they will soon be properly flooding various thrift markets and we will have them in different shapes and colors to match all our outfits.

Might I also add that our Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o was spotted in one on the Little Monsters set in Sydney? Yaaas honey, better get used to seeing more of the fanny.

Now if you are one keen on style and not just trends, this you will find quite tempting regardless.

It is not only stylish and trendy but also quite functional. This is not your go to pack in case you intend to carry a lot and you will agree with me that those used to the “fornicators bag” (on a very light note) will certainly find it hard jumping on this here trend.

I specifically love this bag because it relieves my shoulders of the hustle of carrying hand bags, sling bags and the likes while still complementing my outfit.

Now for those of us planning to give the fanny pack a go and not just for carrying a pack’s sake but to look great while at it, here is all the inspiration you need in form of street style.


























































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