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  • Most Fundamental Exercises: The Big Three

November is finally here and the journey continues.Our main focus shifts from health to different types of exercises you can incorporate in your daily workout routines.

A good number of people would wonder what exactly is the big three? Well, your answer is right in your gym.Squats,Bench press and dead-lifts and you have it all figured out.Why do I say this?All these exercises are compound movements which basically means they involve almost the whole body.In essence that’s all you need to ensure your fitness needs are taken care of.



By far one of the best exercises for athletes and the general population.Everyone interested in fitness should be doing squats in one way or another. This is owed to the simple fact that squats work the whole body and has the following benefits:

  • Better functional mobility
  • Greater bone mineral density and lesser chance of breaking a bone.
  • Strong core development and overall body functionality.

These are just some of the many benefits, the list is endless. Always make sure you include squats in your workouts you won’t regret.


Bench Press

Without a doubt one of my favorite exercises because of the vanity that comes with it.Just kidding,bench press primarily works the chest area,front deltoids and triceps.That’s basically your upper body.If you keep dreaming of that herculean upper body strength this should be one of your go to exercises.



The culmination of it all the dead-lift.It’s the icing on the cake simply because it involves the whole body more than any of the other exercises.

Legs,back,core,shoulders name them the dead-lift works all of them at a go.One of the most taxing exercises for that matter.You shouldn’t leave this exercise out of your workouts you’ll definitely reap the results.

In a nut-shell this three exercises fit the bill when it comes fulfilling your fitness goals.Never leave them out of your programs.



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