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  • TBT: 8 Kenyan Throwback Songs That Are A Must Listen

They are Kenyan songs that made our childhood all the more interesting. The days when you had a songbook where you’d clip out your favorite songs or write the lyrics down just so you could show off how versatile you are with your music. When internet connection to YouTube was something you dreamt of and the only option was to wait for your favorite music show on TV, these songs would come on and make your day a whole lot better.

In honor of #throwbackthursday, here are 8 Kenyan throwback songs that we loved:

Boomba Train – E-Sir ft Nameless

Oh man! If you and your classmates never jammed to this one in class during breaktime, then you really missed out.

Tuendelee ama Tusiendelee – Kleptomaniax

This song was lit! The days when Nyashinski was less lovey-dovey

Vuta Pumzi – Longombas

These cute brothers made a hit with this AIDS awareness track

Manzi Wa Nairobi – Nonini Ft Sylvia

When Nonini was Nonini

Deadly – Nameless

The beats to this song were deadly! 

Kenyan Girl Kenyan Boy – Wyre and Nazizi

They made such a great team these two

Under 18 – Jimwat

This song always comes to mind when I see a sponsor with an under 18 at a club

Kamata Dem – Pilipili and Juacali

This song was dope but what happened to Pilipili?



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