Fit Tuesday: How To Push Yourself Harder During Workouts

If exercising was easy, then we’d never really need to work hard to get the results we desire.  Exercise is intended to push your body hard, get you breathing hard and sweating, and force your cardiovascular system and muscles to work at full capacity. That’s the only way you get results.

We all have those moments where we feel like we can’t do it anymore and quitting seems like the best option. Tempting right? Well, the bad news is that you have to keep pushing to get the results you need.

So what do you do to keep going hard when your energy and motivation are slipping away? Here 8 tips to help you push through:

Pump up your playlist

Use music to zone out when it gets tough.  Fast, heart-pumping tunes will help you focus more. Try this: Play one of your favorite songs and promise yourself you’ll keep exercising until the end and keep repeating until you are done with your workout.

Visualize the end

Know that feeling you get when your workout is over? That good feeling when you know you have burnt those calories and now you can enjoy your favorite protein shake while feeling like you’ve kicked ass? Visualize that and keep pushing.

Find a mantra

Telling yourself “I can do it” over and over again until you are done with the workout can get you a long way. Plus it will get your mind off the pain and fatigue. Namaste.

Love the burn

You’ve got to love the burn to make it to the end. Remember this, Pain is weakness leaving your body. When you feel that fire in your muscles, THAT is when you actually start getting results. Love it. Embrace it.

Find a workout buddy

Sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation. Having a workout buddy can keep you accountable and motivated to complete the sets. You don’t want to seem like a loser, do you?

Keep your eyes off the clock

Have you ever noticed how much time flies when you are not concentrating on the clock? Staying fixated on how much further you have to go will only make the time pass more slowly. Focus. Keep your mind on your workout and just let time pass by.

Change it up

Doing the same thing for hours every day will just make you redundant and you’ll eventually get bored. Find different ways of doing the same workout while at the same time changing the pace. This will keep you motivated and more focused.

Set a realistic goal

Set a goal before you begin your workout and fix your mind into achieving that goal. Giving yourself an actual number to hit – whether it’s miles, or reps on a machine – pushes you past that moment when you would have otherwise stopped.






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