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  • Thirsty Thursday: 5 Weirdest Bars In The World

Forget your usual local bar where it’s a dim lit room with a few chairs and tables and the bartender who’s often asking for a shot of whatever you are drinking. I stumbled upon some very unique and bizarre bars in the world. From a massive tree to a lagoon, here are 5 weirdest bars in the world:

The Big Baobab (Modjadjiskloof, South Africa)

If you are interested in having your drink inside a humongous tree presumed to be dated around 6,000 years old, then this is just the place for you.

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H.r. giger bar (Switzerland)

Step into this bar and you’ll immediately feel a bit out of sorts. The bizarre design with arches modelled after massive vertebrae and thrones with replica pelvic bones for headrests is pretty spooky.

Image result for H.r. giger bar (Switzerland)

Vampire Café (Tokyo)

If you have a thing for vampire décor then you’d enjoy a drink from Vampire café. It’s a dark, bloody atmosphere with a coffin, ‘Alter’, ‘victim’ and ‘cross rooms’.

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 Lagoon bar (grindavík, Iceland)

It’s a perfect spa experience with a whole lot of booze.

Image result for  Lagoon bar (grindavík, Iceland)

The Red Sea Star (Eilat, Israel)

Enjoy a cold beer under the red sea while checking out fish and marine life. Located sixteen feet below the Red Sea, the Red Sea star offers a unique distinction from all the other bars on the mainland.

Image result for The Red Sea Star (Eilat, Israel)




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