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  • Mwalimu Rachel & Patricia Kihoro Call Out Pulse Over Fake News

According to an article published in today’s Pulse (A pullout magazine of the Standard Newspaper) , the writer not only claims that Kenyan Afro Pop musician Adeline Maranga better known as Dela, is abusing drugs but that also no one wants anything to do with her including Homeboyz Radio presenters Mwalimu Rachel and Patricia Kihoro.


The writer claims that the two radio hosts refused to take pictures with Dela during the recent Coke Studio Premiere party that went down at the Kiza Lounge last Sunday. So how true is this article and what does Mwalimu Rachel and Patricia Kihoro have to say about it?

Mwalimu Rachel’s official statement:

I am very displeased by what has been written in the Pulse pullout paper today. That I refused to take a picture with Dela because “Everyone knows she is doing drugs??” That is a complete lie.
The photographer wanted to drag me from a serious conversation I was having with some stakeholders so I declined to take a picture at that moment as some things like a picture can wait, networking cannot. The photographer should have been a professional to know about proper timing for a picture in such a setting, so I politely said no. Furthermore, he was clearly drunk and the manner in which he wanted to drag me out of the conversation I was having was rude!
I have never declined to take a picture with Dela in the past nor present. I do not know anything about these drugs allegations. She has always presented herself with decorum even as I interviewed her on my show.
The nature of the allegations leveled in the same article are not to be trivialized. Lift someone up today instead of dragging them down.”

Patricia Kihoro has said that Dela is one of the most talented and hardworking artists in this country and that anyone who knows her knows that music is not some thing she takes lightly as an avenue for fun and partying and to reduce her to that is horrible.

“She has been at this for years and she is ridiculously talented. Ask anyone who was there at her first live concert in 2009, anyone who’s bought her album, who’s watched her at the many gigs she’s played, or maybe ask the millions of people worldwide who listened to her Swahili cover of Adelle’s “Hello” which went viral last year.” she said.

“But on the flip side, it’s so unfortunate how lightly certain journalists can take someone’s career. To write such a piece with no facts and only the hurt feelings of a rude photographer as proof is disappointing, and highly damaging.” she added.

Concerning the photographer, she said, “David, is just… I do my best to be as polite to everyone as I can be, but at the same time in some instances I have to be politely firm. At the said event, while in the middle of a conversation, David came, ignored the lady I was speaking with who works at Coca Cola, and rudely said I should follow him to take a picture. I asked him to give me a few minutes as I was in the middle of an important conversation, networking, but he insisted I should follow him. I then said that I would just sit it out, and that’s when he said it was a photo for the artists. No mention of Dela, or any other names so in the way I understood it, I told him that I wasn’t actually there as an artist so I didn’t belong in the picture. And that was that.”

In conclusion she said, “To wake up to this drivel about us distancing ourselves from Dela because she is on drugs is unfortunate and I am strongly disproving this. I stand by Dela and I urge whoever wrote that article to think strongly about why they were so easily driven to write this. Why focus on trying to dim her light? She deserves to be lifted up.”




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