MDQ Releases New Track “Million Voice” – Watch

Just a few weeks after releasing a banging remix of ‘Kenyan Message’ featuring NuNairobi’s Steph Kapela, Shukid and Tunji, rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen is back with yet another banger.

Dubbed ‘Million Voice’, the track pays tribute to invisible ordinary Kenyans trying to make it in life. 

“Each song is a three to four-minute glimpse into the life of a particular woman,” says MDQ.

“These women are mainly urban dwellers, and all of them are layered, complex individuals. The topics I chose to cover include love, failing marriage, difficult relationships with mothers, entrepreneurship, betrayal, among others. Expect a roller coaster of emotions delivered on some amazing instrumentals.”

“Million Voice,” which is the second single off her upcoming concept LP, SHE.

Watch the video below:

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