Fashion Fridays: Ladies, You Need These Hacks To Survive In Heels!

Girl, you’ve been gully creeping through these streets for too long; don’t let those killer heels literally kill you before you conquer the world.

These simple hacks will not only save your heels but your life, follow:

1. Make sure to buy the correct and comfortable size.

Otherwise you will have blisters or swollen feet at the end of the day.

2. Walk heel to toe not toe to heel.

This makes your walk look more natural, you’re not wearing flats remember.

3. Don’t rush.

This compromises your balance. Take it one step at a time, helps you look confident.

4. Avoid the “Ostrich effect”

As you walk in heels, there’s usually an inclination to lean forward or with your neck stretched out (ths looks terribly weird)

Stay composed and try as much as you can to lean backwards (slightly) as you walk.

5. Visualize yourself yourself walking in a straight line.

Rather than looking down on your heels.

6. Opt for platforms

If added height is the main reason you wear heels, you might want to consider switching to platforms. Platform is used to ease off some body weight pressure from the heel part and distribute it to the ball area. The higher the platform height, the more will be the comfort level.

7. Sandpaper the bottom :

Smooth soles can cause you to lose balance and slip , so sandpapered shoes can help improve the grip and go easy on the feet.

8. Tape your third and fourth toe together:

This is on the feet of course , and it works like a charm every single time . Reducing the pressure on the ball of your feet , this one helps you dance the night away , pain free.




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